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What are the Best Java Script Frameworks for Game Development?

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Best Java Script frameworks for game development

Java Script games are becoming the most popular because of their cross-browser gaming opportunity. It has a standalone place in the gaming sector and web development because of its excellent pros that can help anyone develop unique products using Java Script with lesser coding compared to other available game development frameworks and tools.

If you are looking for an Java Script framework that can suit your project requirements and allow you to render amazing graphics into your game. So, you are at the right place.

We have composed this blog with Java Script framework information. Moreover, we have also made our readers informed about the pros and cons of each Java Script framework in this learning.

Let's start with Phaser.


Phaser is one of the most popular and preferred game-designing frameworks. Phaser is maintained by Richard Davey, who has been a proactive contributor to the Java Script community to build interactive and entertaining video games.

Phaser allows developers to create a single game and publish it cross-platform. Moreover, it is a fast, free and fun open-source framework for Canvas and WebGL.

If you have decided to create a multiplatform game, Phaser will surely work for you.

Phaser for Game Development

Phaser is a game development engine and is relatively new, but it has been actively maintained by a community and is free to use. With this framework, developers can use TypeScript and JavaScript to develop any fantastic game.

Phaser allows developers to build all sorts of games, even complex games. Moreover, developers get access to a great library and its code.

Phaser can be used to develop operational games as Phaser's built-in asset loader has the capability to support sprite sheets, sprite loading used for animation, etc.


  • Phaser engine supports TypeScript for game development.

  • Phaser framework is specifically designed to develop games.

  • It supports a huge number of Plugins and also supports Web Audio API.

  • It supports WebGL and has Canvas enabled as a fallback.


  • Phaser isn't a good choice for mobile game development as it requires a third-party framework to complete the task.

  • Phaser can be somewhat difficult to handle state management.

Pixi JS

Pixi.js is a novice Java Script game framework introduced in early 2013 and was developed and maintained by Good boy Digital. The main feature of this framework is that it uses WebGL to provide robust performance. Moreover, the framework has a backup of the standard canvas. So, developers can develop amazing games without WebGL using standard canvas when WebGL doesn't support their gaming elements. Moreover, the rendered can also be used with another Java Script game engine like ImpactJS and Phaser.

Pixi JS for game development

Pixi JS is a robust framework to create rich and interactive graphics with features like cross-platform support and more. This excellent Java Script framework will enable you to develop animations and exciting games without prior technical knowledge of the WebGL API.


  • Robust in performance, just like Three.js

  • Pixi.js framework supports multiplatform

  • Easy-to-understand API functionalities

  • Support WebGL and Canvas fallback


  • Complex to understand in comparison to Three.js

  • It is limited to rendering support.

Three JS

Ricardo Cabello initially released Three.js on Github in 2010. In further progress, Cabello's additional contributions include API design, CanvasRenderer, SVGRenderer, and more features.

Just after the release of WebGL 1.0 on Firefox in March 2011, Joshua Koo came on board and built his first Three.js demo for 3D text in September 2011. Now, Three.js has over 1500 contributors on GitHub.

Three.js for Game Development

Three.js is a free, open-source ** Java Script game development ** framework packed with JavaScript 3D library. It is an easy-to-use, lightweight 3D library with a default WebGL renderer.

Three.js framework also provides other rendering tools like SVG, Canvas 2D, CSS3D. This framework is also an excellent tool for creating 3D games for web browsers.


  • Three.js is the finest Java Script game development tool for complex rendering.

  • A large community of Three.js helps developers develop different games and create various third-party tools.

  • Three.js has a performance advantage over other libraries and has built-in PBR rendering, which makes rendering graphics more accurate.


  • There are limited features instead of rendering so you won't find more features in this framework.

  • Three.js doesn't support spatial indexing, making detailed ray casting and collision detection, which makes it inefficient in significant scenarios.


Bablylon.js is another powerful and simple rendering framework packed with JavaScript, which can help you to build 3D games and experiences with Java Script, WebGL, WebVR and Web Audio and so on.

David Catuhe and David Rousset, Microsoft employees, were the developers of this amazing tool and introduced it in 2015 at a WebGL conference in Paris.

Babylon.js for Game Development

Babylon.js is a simple yet powerful open game and web rending tool loaded with hundreds of amazing features. Babylon.js's Playground is a tool to begin the whole development process. This framework also has a JavaScript library and can display 3D graphics through Java Script tools.


  • Babylon is designed by Microsoft developers and gets Microsoft support.

  • Babylon supports for PBR rendering is excellent

  • Babylon has great project health, with activity on Github daily for bug fixes and new features.


  • Babylon.js engine lacks API documentation.

  • Babylon is a novice tool compared to its competitors; the community is still small.


Kiwi.js, is another easy-to-use Java Script framework created by Chris Colbert. Kiwi.js has the capability to design games for multiple platforms as it is packed with WebGL rendering. Moreover, many game development tools can help you to develop immersive games.

With Kiwi.js framework, you can create native apps for AppStore, as it uses Cocoon.JS. Moreover, you can use Kiwi.js on both browsers, older or latest using Canvas and WebGL rendering.

Kiwi.js for Game Development

Kiwi.js is a user-friendly game development tool for beginners. It is loaded with various templates, supports different functionalities, and offers many elements to design a superb game with it. Kiwi's templates will help you do animation, transform, update new information on the canvas, and pre-load assets.


  • Kiwi.js is a fast, open-source Java Script framework.

  • Developers can use Kiwi.js for both mobile and browser game development.


  • Kiwi.js has a very small community and doesn't update its framework constantly.

Wrapping Up:-

We hope you all have a great reading about the best 5 Java Script frameworks for game development. Moreover, we have also updated you with the pros and cons of each framework.

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