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Election Ke Baazigar

  • Brand : Anonymous
  • Platform : HTML 5
  • Genre : Lifestyle
  • Service : Application Development

One of the most renowned India's news channel who partnered us to design and develop Election Ke Baazigar game for assembly poll-prediction. The game was similar to Fantasy Cricket Concept and Fantasy League such as Dream 11. The game was designed to collect accurate predictions for four state assembly elections of 2022 from the regional voters by engaging them into a game-play.

Election Ke Baazigar- Game Play

The objective of the game is to predict how many seats each major party will win in the Assembly election of 2022 in Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Punjab and Goa.The users who make accurate prediction, he/she shall receive the contest prize worth Rs 2.5 Lacs.

The user can enter the game by validating their phone number. After entering the game, the user can select the state he/she wants to predict for and how many seats each party would fetch in the actual election and then submit opinion for the contest.

  • What they require?

  • The client asked Gamix Labs to develop a gamified web based application for assembly seat prediction for the election of 2022. In the game, they wanted to gather real opinion of the voters.

How did we fulfill?

  • Game Planning & Strategy

  • Gamix Labs development team took responsibility of a web-based application development that can help the client to gather opinion poll through a gamified application. We designed the game as simple as possible to engage more audience and that is why the game is easy to play.

  • Graphics & Localization for User engagement

  • We designed attractive graphics to engage users in the prediction-game. Moreover, we developed the game with the localization feature to target voters from each state. The users can play this game in Hindi, English and Punjabi language.

Number verification for accurate prediction

We followed industries' effective techniques to collect the voting opinion from voters. We integrated a mobile verification option to refrain users from submitting multiple predictions for the assembly election of Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Punjab and Goa of 2022.

Dashboard for data management

Gamix Labs developed a dashboard for data management that stored voters' predictions for assembly elections of 2022. Admin used dashboard's data while forecasting opinion polls and exit polls of the elections. Furthermore, the dashboard also helped them in finalizing the winner of the contest through filtering and comparing the actual seats with the predicted ones.

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