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Game Development

Gamix Labs is one of the reliable HTML5 game development companies that strives to bring the next level of gaming experience. With years of experience in game development, we have designed multiple games and become the best Ludo game development company in India.

Ludo Game development was one of the repetitive tasks for Gamix Labs development team. We have developed Ludo games for various clients with different complexity and amazing features.

What is a Ludo Game?

Ludo is a fun game, can easily be remeered as a sixteen-token game, four for each player with specific color, can be played between two to four players at any given time on Android, iOS or any web-enabled platform. Throughout the history, ludo is being under names like Parchisi, Parcheesi and so on. It is effortless to understand this game as a strategy-based board game with popularity among Asian, Latin as well as European countries.

The game is played with a cube shaped dice, which has a value on each of its sides inscribing digits '1' to '6' as points, the smallest value being '1' and '6' as its highest. The '6' nuer or points has special status in the game as the player requires '6' on dice to unlock a token to begin that token's journey. Moreover, 6 on the dice also gives the player a chance of rolling the dice a second time.

Modes of Ludo Game

Four interesting modes of Ludo Game make it more interesting than ever before. Players can play in five modes along with friends, family meers or with a computer

Desktop Mode Game

Desktop Mode

Desktop mode is the mode where the player can choose the computer as an opponent of the game.

Local Mode Game

Local Mode

Through this mode, the player can choose their opponent(s) and can play the game using the same device.

Multi Player Mode Game

Multi-Player mode

This mode enables a player to play against randomly chosen opponent(s) from different parts of the world.

Private Mode Game

Private Mode

In this mode, users can play against their friends or family meers over-the-internet.

Game Screenshots

Gamix Labs Game Screenshorts
Gamix Labs Game Screenshorts
Gamix Labs Game Screenshorts
Gamix Labs Game Screenshorts
Gamix Labs Game Screenshorts
Gamix Labs Game Screenshorts
Gamix Labs Game Screenshorts
Gamix Labs Game Screenshorts
Gamix Labs Game Screenshorts

Admin Control Features

We provide various features in the game for admin to control and manage the game play.
Here is a list of features that will help you in making more revenue.

Dashboard Mode Game Feature


We provide a dashboard that shows you how the game is performing against other available games in the industry.

Game Settings Game Feature

Game Settings

Settings enables to change the game's experience, available settings are language, sound, game tutorials etc.

User Management Game Feature

User Management

User management helps you in managing and controlling users' activity and gives you the option to ban suspicious users.

Notifications Game Feature

Notifications Managment

We provide an option to send smart notifications to the players that can help you in bringing them back to the game.

Ads Management Game Feature

Ads Management

Ads management enables you to add or remove advertisements and also helps you in placing rewards ads for users.

Referral Game Feature

Referral Management

Referral management feature helps you in providing rewards to the players who refer their friends and family meers.

Prime features of Ludo Game App

We develop Ludo Games with the features mentioned below that attract users and give
rich gaming experiences.

Guest Feature Game Development

Guest Feature

We offer guest feature for users who do not wish to play Ludo by creating an account using email or social accounts.

Social Login Option Game

Social Login Option

We integrate social login options that help players to sign-up and login to the game using a Google/Facebook/E-mail account.

Create Private Room Game Development

Create Private room

We provide an option to create private rooms that enable the player to play with his friends in a private room.

Auto Move System Game Development

Auto Move System

We design the game with auto move feature, so players cannot cheat while playing the game and also won't have to count tiles.

Personalization Game Development

Personalization Feature

We offer an Avatar feature in our Ludo games that attracts participants and gives the best gaming experience to audiences.

Sahre Play Friend Game Feature

Share and play with friends

We enable share and play button in our games which help users to invite their friends to play on the same platform.

Free Coins Daily Bonus Game Feature

Free Coins and Daily Bonus

We design games with daily bonus & free coins features to keep the participants engaged in the game on a daily basis.

Game History Game Development

Game History

We provide an option to view game history as players show and share their game history with their friends and family.

Multiple Languages Support Game Development

Multiple language support

With the multiple languages option, users can choose and play the game in their native language interface and tutorials.

Offline Mode Game Development

Online/Offline Mode

We develop Ludo games that can run in both Online or Offline Mode, so players can play it without internet connectivity.

Chat With Players Game Feature

Chat with the players

We offer a chat option that enables users to chat while playing, and they can also react to their opponents' moves with emojis.

Live Chat Game Feature

Live Chat Feature

The live support feature of the Ludo game will help the players to connect with you in just a few clicks.

    How can a user play Ludo Game?

    Firstly, the user will select the mode, which mode he/she wants to play.

    The system will allow the user to choose the color, when the mode of game is selected.

    4 tokens will be distributed among players according to the selected color.

    To start the game, the players have to roll the dice to move their token ahead in the clockwise direction.

    The player can unlock a token with a "6" on the dice and then move ahead according to the dice's nuer.

    In order to reach to "Home" which is in the center of the board, all the tokens have to finish the full turn.

    The players also need to hold their position secure, if the opponent's token reaches to the same tile as your token resides, your token will be killed and that moves back to its base.

    Token can't be killed while at safe spot.

    In case, players get a "Six" on a dice, he/she will be rewarded with an extra chance of rolling the dice a second time.

    An extra turn for rolling dice will also be rewarded, if the player kills the opponent's token.

    The player who manages to get his/her all of the 4 tokens to the center of the board "Home" first, he/she will be the winner of the game.

ludo Game Development

Why should you hire Gamix Labs for Ludo game development?

Gamix Labs has delivered 250+ games to national and multinational companies. Our developing team has extensive experience in making HTML5, Board and Casino games.

We offer full-fledged game development services, our studio includes services from stunning graphics to deliver impeccable gameplay.

We develop games with all the latest features and functionalities that attract players to play your game.

We design Ludo Game for all platforms, including browsers, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Facebook instant platform.

We provide lifetime technical support for any technical issues or bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get in your Ludo Game Development package?

You will get a multiplayer Ludo game with these features :-

  • Players can play Ludo multiplayer games with 2 to 4 players.

  • Players can play with their friends in a private game room.

  • Plugins Integrations (if available): Like Social Login, Chats, In-app purchase, ads, and leaderboard.

  • White labeling for your Brand.

  • We have handled disconnections and reconnection gracefully.

Do you provide custom graphics?

Yes, we offer custom graphics services and have competence to design your idea into real graphics.

Will you help us in game deployment on our servers?

Yes, we will deploy the backend and frontend for you just you will have to provide us access to your servers.

What technologies have you used for developing Ludo?

We have used: NodeJS, MongoDB, Redis, and Colyseus for the backend and for the frontend, we have used the Cocos Creator game engine.

How do you provide technical support?

We provide lifetime technical support for any technical issues or bugs.

How much does it cost for Ludo game development?

Each game development cost varies and depends upon the complexity of the projects and the client's requirements. We would love to discuss your project in detail, contact us to discuss.

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