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The Prodigy Rises

  • Brand : Anonymous
  • Development Type : HTML5
  • Genre : Action
  • Service : Game Development

One of our clients partnered Gamix Labs for The Prodigy Rises game development. The client owned the Asia's largest global sports media platform with a broadcast setup of 150+ countries around the world. The game was developed for Star branding and entertainment purposes. “The Prodigy Rises” starring Victoria Lee is a free online game and available on all platforms.

  • “The Prodigy Rises” starring Victoria Lee- Game play

  • The Prodigy Rises game is a punching game where an animated representation of Victoria Lee stands by a wing chun dummy (Mu Ren Zhuang). The object of the game is to punch wooden arms by tapping or clicking the appropriate side by following the game tutorial. Every correct punch adds time and the game ends if time runs-out or punched on the wrong side. Once the players scored the set limit, he/she gets the chance to win a signed Unstopable Cap or other collectibles according to the Contest Prize.

  • Client's expectations from game development team

  • According to the game name “The Prodigy Rises” starring Victoria Lee, the client required solution for branding Victoria Lee and other mentioned objectives to be covered in the game development:-

    Realisitc Game-play to engage gamers,

    Customizable Contest Portal to stay line up in different session.

  • Solutions, we offered for the game.

  • Gamix Labs provides the mentioned below solutions to meet the client's expectations.

    We made a case-study on Victoria Lee that included her facial expressions and other activities to render her real look into game-play's animation. This helped us in developing a realistic game and branding her as a star.

    Not only Gamix Labs' art team animated Victoria Lee's character proficiently; moreover, they also designed an environment which make the game lively. Optimization, spine technology and real time syncing features made it more realistic and capable to engage gamers.

Gamix Labs development team developed a dashboard which includes customization features for add-ups. Using dashboard's features, admins can create a new contest, set new score-limits and manage users' accumulated data as per their future requirements.

We develop the game according to her field while considering audience interest and how they will engage to the game.

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