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 how can Unreal help you in NFT game development We know it is not a big deal that you have already heard about Unreal Engine, as it is one of the most popular game engines. Over thousands of titles have been developed on Unreal (UE1 to UE5 game engines). Unreal Engine is among the preferred engines and is well-known for game development and 3D content production.

As the gaming industry is evolving and always adopts cutting-edge technologies, it has adapted NFT these days. So, many gaming firms are confused about its development and think it is hard to develop, and they believe in creating a particular engine for NFT game development.

However, it is not a great idea because there are various features in our regular game engines that can help us to create NFT game development like we have introduced Unreal Engine.

We will tell you about how to create a "play-to-earn" game using Unreal game engine, including the assistance of an experienced NFT game development company, and how it can be helpful for your development journey.

Before diving into the main topic, we will briefly explain NFT games; however, you can learn about Play-to-earn games by clicking here.

What is NFT or Play to earn game?

NFT into gaming has a newly introduced game model, also known as Play-to-earn or P2E. In an NFT game, the in-game assets, reward won, and the space in which the game is set can be made into an NFT by tokenizing, and users will get NFT and crypto rewards according to their game performance. NFT can be traded for real-world currency, making it popular among gamers.

Why use Unreal engine for NFT game development?

It is a known fact that the Unreal engine is enriched with a complete set of tools for game developers. Moreover, the engine is super flexible for designing and developing games for different game screens with various game elements, including ERC-721 tokens support feature.

Yes, Unreal engine supports ERC-721 tokens; this standard allows for the creation of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that developers can build games that use NFTs as in-game items and rewards. Moreover, Unreal has a visual scripting feature called Blueprint that makes complex game mechanics without coding.

Advantages of using Unreal for NFT game development

UE is awesome enough to meet the consumers' specifications. We highlighted features of Unreal that would help you in NFT game development.


Unreal Engine offers customizability that makes it stand out from other game engines. Using UE, developers can create a cutting-edge metaverse ecosystem with features that enable users to access customized collectibles, virtual items, and game rewards.


Unreal Engine also has a fantastic feature for the taxation process; it has dedicated wallets where users can transfer their transactions into tax tokens. Earning with NFTs doesn't save you from paying taxes, and this feature ensures that 'play-to-earn' gamers must declare their earnings to the taxman.


Unreal game engine is top-notch in the case of graphics development as it uses C++, which helps developers to create games with the finest and most immersive graphics that mimic the movie-going experience of the gamers.

Gaming experience

Unreal Engine offers a fabulous gaming experience to gamers without changing the gameplay irrespective of where you place NFT and on in what form. UE plays well to fulfill the specific user need to a great extent.

Easily convertible

With the Unreal Engine 5 NFT extension features, developers can integrate their selected NFTs into their games using specific technical workflows. This helps developers concentrate on their game without spending extra time placing NFT in their game.

Why hire an experienced outsourcing firm for NFT game development?

Building a great team with the same dedication toward the game is not easy. Moreover, it is a tough task to communicate with different mindsets openly about game development, sharing decision-making, responsibility, and accountability.

However, hiring an outsourcing development team can achieve all these factors. Indeed, It's a smart decision to work with an external group with minimum time investment and resources that you will have to put into creating a development team.


Hiring an outsourcing company offers flexibility and freedom from involving complex development processes. Video game development is a complex process, and changing deadlines is nothing new in game development. However, once you have chosen a firm to collaborate for development, you will be free to set their deadline and give a deadline for the project completion. Moreover, after the initial deadline is reached, you can choose to ramp down the amount of assistance you need or stop it too.


With the decision to hire an outsourcing game development company, you can eliminate the cost of full-time employees, training sessions, managers, and other resources that are required to run a business. Moreover, you will not have to purchase more hardware and software subscriptions that are needed for the project development.


An experienced game development company has development experts who know the processes inside and out. They will help you deliver your game on time and per your expectations. During this time, you can focus on other areas of business development.

Wrapping up

We hope this reading helped you to learn about Unreal usage for NFT game development; moreover, we have outlined the advantages of hiring a game development services outsourcing company.

Gamix Labs is full-cycle game development, helping different businesses with games that help them achieve their goals. We have experience in NFT game development, HTML5, Facebook instant, Unity, and Unreal game development.


Can you make NFT with Unreal Engine?
Yes, we can develop NFT game using UE as the engine is loaded with various amazing features that enabled us to develop NFT game with it. Moreover, Unreal engine supports ERC-721 tokens; this standard allows for the creation of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that developers can build games that use NFTs as in-game items and rewards
What are the two biggest game engines?
Unreal and Unity are the two popular game engines in the industry, and are most preferred choice of developers for creating AAA titles to NFT game development.
Does Unreal Engine require coding?
Unreal Engine work with C+++, a text based coding; additionally, it has a blueprint feature which enabled developers to develop game without writing any code.
Does Unreal Engine support blockchain?
Yes, UE supports blockchain networks. It constructs and sends blockchain transactions and communication with smart contracts directly from the engine.
Why hire Gamix Labs for NFT game development?
Gamix Labs is an experienced game development company and is associated with many gaming companies worldwide. We have worked on various project that involve blockchain technology and other web 3.0 integrations. We have also developed an NFT game for Dinomonks. With us, you can be benefited in many ways, like flexibility, cost-saving, on-time delivery, and much more.

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Metaverse and its essential technologies Metaverse has become the talk of the town, and everyone has different words for it. Tech giants are introducing it through different definitions, although all accept it as the new revolution of the upcoming era.

According to Gartner, a research consulting firm, 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in the Metaverse for daily routine (work, shopping, education, social media and entertainment) by 2026.

So, before taking your extra minute, let's know "What is Metaverse?"

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse can be understood as a concept that connects users in all aspects of their lives using an online, 3D visual space. Likewise, the internet contains different websites that are accessible through a single browser.

Gartner Image for Elements of Metaverse

This concept was developed and designed in the Sci-Fi novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Yes, the idea of the Metaverse in his book was just fiction then; now, which is looking like a revolutionary technology of the upcoming era.

What do tech-giants and researchers think about the "Metaverse"?

Meta's CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the statement at the time of rebranding Facebook with Meta, "The next platform and medium will be even more immersive and embodied internet where you're in the experience, not just looking at it, and we call this the metaverse."

"Metaverse will allow people to replicate or enhance their physical activities. This could happen by transporting or extending physical activities to a virtual world or by transforming the physical one," says Marty Resnick, VP Analyst at Gartner.

So, here we have outlined what is required to make you aware of the Metaverse and how tech-giant companies are introducing it. Now, we are going to explain the technologies that are backing the Metaverse.

5 technologies empowering the Metaverse

In this section, we’ll learn the crucial technologies that contributed to Metaverse’s meteoric growth in popularity. So, let’s start and know the main elements and their advantages for the metaverse.


Blockchain technology provides decentralization and transparency that is mandatory to run the metaverse applications and is one of the prime technologies that can also be understood as the foundation of the metaverse. It enables developers to integrate several functionalities in the metaverse, like digital ownership verification, value transfer, governance, digital collectability, accessibility and interoperability.

All the features mentioned above are being provided with the help of blockchain, and it's not a new thing. Such advantages as a virtual ledger and decentralized database help developers to create a fully functional metaverse world.

Advantages of blockchain technology for the metaverse:-

  • It works like a virtual ledger which helps to create a record of each transaction made on the server with the advanced storage option, a decentralized database, which helps reduce the chances of malfunction/hacking or data breach.
  • Blockchain technology works with a system where data is collected and stored in groups called blocks. All blocks have limited storage capacity and are closed once filled and linked to previously filled blocks and formulate a chain of data known as the blockchain.
  • One more benefit to using blockchain technology for data storage is that the data blocks are strung together, inevitably arranging the data chronologically. So, once a timestamp is set to a block, the data will be in irreversible form, which plays a major role in creating the entire process free from manipulations and offers transparency to the metaverse platform.


Cryptocurrency is another primary technology used to develop the metaverse, as the metaverse platform only accepts crypto-currencies. If the user wants to buy somewhat on the metaverse platform, they will have to exchange their real currencies for crypto to make a purchase.

Cryptocurrency will be used to purchase the platform's resources, like NFT and digital real estate assets, and to do more things, such as game purchases.

Furthermore the metaverse, cryptocurrencies have massive value. For example:- many games require converting real money into their in-game currency to purchase and do more things; Decentral land has MANA as its game currency.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency for the metaverse:-

  • Crypto transaction is a way faster than other transaction processes.
  • Crypto provides complete anonymity for the user, keeping users’ security intact.
  • Crypto technology gives digital proof of authenticity and ownership to the buyer.
  • Crypto-currencies like Polkadot and Avalanche can create interactive blockchains, allowing different metaverse ecosystems to communicate with each other in the future.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality have been used for many years in the gaming industry to offer immersive gaming experiences. So, these are necessary resources that enable the metaverse platform, as the platform ensures an immersive and sensual experience for its users. With advanced wearable technology, users can augment AR and VR tech with full-body sensors to offer a fully immersive experience.

However, Virtual Reality and the metaverse might seem like the same thing in some sense, but they are pretty different in reality.

  • VR technology is just a part of the metaverse, while the metaverse is created with several other technologies like blockchain, crypto, AI and more.
  • VR enables users to enjoy 3D simulations, however, fails to offer physical simulation, which is a significant aspect of the metaverse.

Advantages of AR & VR for the metaverse:-

  • Augmented Reality technology will be helpful in adding immersive elements to objects in the metaverse, like having different clothes on your avatar.
  • VR technology will be used in the metaverse platform to offer sensory experiences like being able to touch a specific object or roaming around the VR world.

Artificial Intelligence

AI, also known as Artificial intelligence, has become a crucial part of our day-to-day lives. It is being used from our phone to our car's air conditioner; all require AI to work perfectly. So, it is not a matter to say that the metaverse would go a long way without AI.

Yes, AI will play a major role in creating every process that will happen in the metaverse. Likewise, stored historical data can be used by ArtifivcaiI Intelligence algorithms to create unique outputs and insights to offer immersive experiences for its users.

Advantages of AI for the metaverse:-

  • Artificial Intelligence will help the system to create metaverse avatars.
  • Artificial Intelligence engines can use any sort of image to create more realistic and actual avatars.
  • It will also help in adding more transitions by generating different facial expressions, hairstyles and more.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet of Things, basically known as IoT, was first introduced in 1999. IoT connects our physical world elements to the internet using sensors and devices.

IoT devices have the potential to send or receive information automatically, like voice-activated speakers, thermostats and medical devices, which have their own ability to process the received information and carry out given actions.

Advantages of AI for the metaverse:-

  • With IoT applications, the metaverse will adjust the environment more precisely to real-world conditions as it will be able to send and receive data using IoT, as IoT can contribute weather or temperature data.
  • IoT can seamlessly connect the 3D world to many devices from the real world, enabling real-time stimulation in the metaverse.

Wrapping up:-

We hope you have learned the secret logs of the metaverse and got an idea of the metaverse. Moreover, we have outlined the statement of a tech giant company and also shared word of a tech researcher's firm about the metaverse.

Gamix Labs is a full-stack game development company with five years of development experience in the gaming industry. We have expanded our development expertise by developing different types of games for diverse industries, including marketing, education and casino.


What is the Metaverse?
The Metaverse can be understood as a concept that connects users in all aspects of their lives using an online, 3D visual space.
Is Virtual reality and the Metaverse similar?
No, virtual reality technology is a part of the Metaverse; however, the metaverse platform is built with different technologies such as blockchain, IoT, Cryptocurrency and 3D reconstruction.
Does the Metaverse work with real-world currency?
No, the Metaverse doesn't accept the real-world currency. So, to make a purchase, the user must exchange their real-world currency with crypto.
What are the popular metaverse games? ?
Axie Infinity, My Neighbor Alice, Rec Rooms, Horizon World, VR Chat and more are the most popular metaverse games in the industry.
How can I create a Metaverse game?
If you are a developer passionate about developing a Metaverse game, you will have to read a few more research papers that contain proper use cases of a Metaverse virtual world; then, you will have to invest your time in coding and smart contracts. Moreover, you will have to do market research to get a decent idea of how your game will work in the market.

However, if you have an idea and want to launch your game, you can hire an outsourcing company. Gamix Labs is one of the reliable game development services companies, helping different companies in making popular titles and most played games.

Will the metaverse replace the internet?
No, the metaverse is an expand form of the internet, it cannot replace the internet with metaverse.

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5 tips for leveling up video game marketing with social media Finding social networking sites isn't tough, but finding like-minded gamers who are keen to socialize online is still a tough job. So, we have answered most of the search questions that gamers ask! And that's "What are the best social networks for gamers?"

Let's dive and learn about super cool social networks for gamers without taking your extra minute. Also, learn about top communities, servers, and groups that you can follow to connect with pro gamers.

Top Social network platforms for gamers

Several social platforms offer community networking for gamers, like Reddit, Discord, Steam, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. However, we are sharing the 5 powerful social platforms that have the potential to build a pro-gamers community.


Indeed, not just the Google search engine but most pro gamers use Reddit as the first stop for building their gaming community. Reddit is one of the best platforms that let gamers connect with like-minded gamers.

Reddit is a hub of independent communities with different perspectives, a community on Reddit is called "subreddit". Any Reddit user can create a subreddit, can start their connection journey with it, and basically, all subreddits depend on the admin who runs it; some are unpleasant while others are amazing in all sense.

In the recent graphs, the r/gaming subreddit has crossed over 30 million subscribers; however, it is just a fraction of 3.24 billion gamers worldwide. Reddit can be your space to communicate and connect with pro-gamers, can ask about specific game tips and tricks, or verify the gaming rumor mill; there's a game subreddit for every need.

Subreddit NameSubscribers
Truegaming2.1 million


Discord is another amazing platform to communicate, and play in a group. Yes, you read right; using Discord features, gamers can create connections and help enable them to play online with their friends using screen share, video call, voice call, and many more features.

A great part of Discord is that anyone can set up a Discord server, and each server can have many chat channels. So, using Discord, you connect with millions of gamers who are eager to play and connect with gamers. As a report stated, Discord has over 140 million active monthly users and has total of 300 million accounts on the server. Moreover, in 2021, it was valued at $15 billion, which is a doubling of its value in under a year.

Top 10 Discord servers for gaming

Discord Server NameMembers
Anime Soul Discord620,897
Live Insaan481,842
GTA Online472,837
Servidor do Goularte464,642
Elite Customs435,440
Two Side Gamers431,787
Dynamo Gaming390,263
Sound's World357,254


Steam is a product that you might have used before as it is a video game digital distributor with numerous other fantastic features that lure gamers to use this amazing platform. The platform had over 34,000 games with over 132 million monthly active users by 2021.

On the Steam platform, each game has its own gaming community or hub, where gamers connect to learn about updates, new releases, features, create discussion threads, and much more.

Using Steam features, you can have amazing connections and keep up with each other on your Activity Feeds. Steam features also enabled users to create customized profiles, comment on each other's feeds, and create private or public groups.

In 2013, the platform was recorded as the largest digital game distribution platform for PC, estimated at around 75% of the market share, according to IHS Screen Digest.

Steam Spy said gamers purchased games for US$ 4.3 billion until 2017, which was at least 18% of global PC game sales.

Top 10 Steam groups for gaming

Steam GroupMembers
Archi's SC Farm2,403,254
Steam Trading Cards Group1,911,571
Na'Vi Team1,772,757
Steam Universe1,718,363
Steam Family Sharing852,929


Twitch is a hugely popular live streaming platform for video games, with 15 million daily active users. Twitch has several robust features that make it one of the best live-streaming platforms.

Users can add friends, send whispers, and follow streamers. Moreover, that's just the start of it. Twitch regularly adds new features to aid socialization, so it must be a wonderful platform in the coming years.

Twitch has the potential for viewership engagement through live chat features while streaming. Twitch enables streamers to set an overlay to include live chat during their game stream.

Twitch streamers can also utilize various extensions while streaming. The extensions may be any app (e.g., Prime Gaming, Spotify playlist). Also, streamers can include translation and localization by creating an overlay and using social tools.

Users can also access Twitch polls and game-specific plugins to include information and mini-games.

With the Twitch Partnership and affiliate program, Streamers can receive rewards, like actual money. However, everyone cannot sign up for the Twitch Partnership and affiliate program; you'll have to apply to the program after fulfilling the required conditions.

Note: You can also check the current ranking by clicking here.

Twitch data by Twitch tracker


Twitter, a platform that always trends #hashtags for social issues, was recently trending itself when Elon Musk proposed for twitter acquisition. Twitter is one of the best social channels, with 229 million active users for Q1, the year 2022.

Twitter is not just the best social channel but also equipped with the most passionate gamers; this data shows:- "According to our research, as many as 52% of UK Twitter users are interested in gaming." this was according to a Twitter official blog post.

Twitter platform enabled users to create threads, follow each other and promote #hashtags, game reviews, or short videos.

According to the Twitter post, "For the first time ever, there were more than 2 BILLION Tweets about gaming throughout the year. This is up 75% from 2019, with a 49% increase in unique authors." the blog is outlining the 2020 success. Twitter official

Wrapping up:-

We hope this reading helped you to learn about powerful social networks for gamers. Moreover, we have also listed some of the popular channels, groups, and servers' names with the number of active subscribers, which will help you to choose the best platform that suits your personality.

We at Gamix Labs always update our readers with current development topics, trending games, and much more. We are a full-cycle development company fueled by gamers who love to play and create boastful and entertaining games. Our development expertise has enabled us to create different games, including NFT, Casino, Hyper Casual, Board, FPS, and educational games.


What are the best social platforms for gamers?
Reddit, Discord, Steam, Twitch, and Twitter are the best social platforms for gamers.
Is there an app like tinder for gamers?
Yes, there is an app called Plink, developed for gamers, where players can find their perfect teammates, influence game history, and plunge into a global game community.
Is there any popular subreddit on Reddit for gamers?
Yes, there are various subreddits for gamers; for example, r/truegaming has 2.1 million active members.
What are the famous Discord server names?
Roblox, Anime Soul Discord, Memology, Live Insaan, and many more are the famous Discord server, which a large group of active members has joined.

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How do gaming companies earn Most of the time, people brainstorm how gaming companies are earning money and how they are performing better than the music and cinema industry in terms of revenue generation.

If you also had asked this question before or tried to unveil the gaming industry revenue secrets from game developers but didn't get an accurate answer. So, this reading will help you to learn much about the gaming industry. Moreover, it would also let you know the basic module of game revenue generation sources and how gaming companies earn while offering Free to Play games.

Before diving into the pool of information about revenue generation of the gaming industry, let's know the purpose of the gaming industry and how it works?

It is a known fact that video games fulfil the purpose of life, which includes gaming for:enjoyment, creativity, socialization, relaxation, opportunities to exert control, prevent boredom, challenge, and achievement.

Furthermore, the gaming industry is doing far better than other tech industries because of its vitality in culture, entertainment and technological advancement. More than three billion people use to play video games on different sets of screen like PC, console and mobile.

Top 7 earning models for online games

There are several ways to make money with online games; however, it totally depends on the gaming company, how they want to earn from their games? They can sell their games, or sell subscriptions, Freemium, in-game assets, or can make it far better with "Free to Play" model using ads for revenue generation. Here, we have mentioned some of the proven earning models of the gaming industry.

Subscription (Monthly/ Quarterly / Yearly)

The subscription model is the easiest revenue generation model for gaming companies. Using this model, game developers can earn targeted income. This model is based on a subscription the user must purchase to play their games. Typically it works with a Free-to-play model that allows new users to try the game, then users are liable to pay the subscription fee on a monthly basis or more to get full access to the game.

Freemium Games

Freemium subscription is the same type of subscription-based game; however, these games have some limitations that cannot be played or reach a higher level without purchasing the Premium version of the game.

Game Box

Game box or box sale is one of the traditional models to make revenue as these boxed version games are sold for a fixed amount for lifetime play. Guild Wars sold it: this model is common among team shooters like TF2, COD: MW2, and more.

In Game Advertising

Game developers also place in-game ad sections in their games to get revenue from Pay-Per-View ads. These games are also developed with interstitial ad features for example, the user has to view an ad to get one more chance. However, this cannot be a regular income source for every game as Google requires a high number of visitors for monetization.

Types of Ads:-

Banners ads:- A rectangular ad can be placed at the top or bottom of the game screen.

Interstitial ads:- Interstitial ads wraps the entire screen to grab the gamer's attention.

Video ads:- Video ads are used as rewards in the game (e.g., free lives, new game items, etc.).

Game Asset Store

Game developers also offer in-game asset purchase options, where players can purchase different game assets or avatars. Moreover, many developers incorporate virtual currency in their games.The in-game virtual currency has a fixed exchange rate with real-world currency, and can be exchanged both ways. Entropia Universe is the game that introduced this concept for the first time.

Game Distribution

Game distribution is also a popular game revenue generation module. Game Developers earn money by distributing their games to other websites or game portals as it has become an enormous component for a lot of websites that are used to drive traffic and retain them with different strategies.

Play to Earn Games

Play to Earn or P2E is a newly introduced game revenue model which incorporate with blockchain elements such as NFTs. In these games, players are incentivized to use NFTs to their game performance, which helps create new NFTs.These games require upfront payment by the player to get started. However, the user has to purchase either cryptocurrency used in the game or in-game currency that they can later trade out.

Within this heading, we have informed you about game revenue models and how they work. In the next section, we will mention the top 10 earning games in the world. So, keep an eye and learn with us.

Top 10 earning games in the World

The list of top 10 earning games in the World with additional information: revenue, launching year and the name of the gaming studio. So, without taking your extra minutes, let's start the countdown.

Honor of Kings ($14,667,500,000)

Honor of Kings, the highest-grossing mobile game on Google Play and App Store designed by Tencent's Group, has accumulated $14,667,500,000. Its initial launch took place on November 26, 2015.

Monster Strike ($9,912,000,000)

Monster Strike game launched on August 8, 2013. It is a multiplayer role-playing game with puzzles and strategy. The game is owned by Mixi and has generated $9,912,000,000..

Puzzle & Dragons ($8,578,340,000)

Puzzle & Dragons is one of the top-performing games, with over 65% of the subgenre's revenue. Puzzle & Dragon game was launched on February 20, 2012 by GungHo Online Entertainment and earned $8,578,340,000.

PubG Mobile ($8,424,300,000)

PubG Mobile is one of the most popular games in Asia developed by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, a division of Tencent Games. The game's initial release took place on March 19, 2018, and has now made $8,424,300,000.

Clash of Clans ($8,000,000,000)

Clash of Clans is a mobile-based strategy video game and is a product of Supercell. It was initially released for the iOS device on August 2, 2012, and then Google Play for Android on October 7, 2013. This game works on the free-to-play model and has generated $8,000,000,000 in revenue.

Pokemon Go ($7,760,000,000)

Niantic's game Pokemon Go is one of the most popular games worldwide due to its Augmented reality feature in mobile games. It was launched for iOS and Android devices on July 6, 2016, and has bagged $7,760,000,000.

Candy Crush Saga ($7,456,000,000)

Candy Crush Saga is the game of King; this is a puzzle game originally developed for the Facebook platform. Also available for other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10. Candy Crush Saga has made $7,456,000,000.

Grand Order ($5,533,800,000)

Aniplex a division of Sony Music Entertainment, Japan has developed Fate: The Grand Order for mobile platform and released on July 30, 2015. It is a free to play model game developed on Unity engine has made $5,533,800,000.

Fantasy Westward Journey ($4,700,000,000)

Fantasy Westward Journey is one of the most popular game in China and had a user base of 1.5 million in May, 2007, initially it was developed for Microsoft Windows platform in December 2001. The game was developed by NetEase and generated $4,700,000,000 till now.

Garena Free Fire ($4,330,000,000)

Garena Free Fire, also popular as Free Fire, is one of the most downloadable mobile games of 2019. The game was developed by the Vietnamese game company and published by Garena. The game has made $4,330,000,000; it was launched on December 4, 2014.

Wrapping up:

We have briefed all the major gaming revenue sources in this blog and shared some of the most earned games till now. If you are also looking for game development resources like development, art or animation services, we can help you out!

Gamix Labs is one of India's best game development studios that delivers complete game development solutions, including art and animation services. We have experience developing games for diverse businesses, including education, marketing, casinos, and more.


Are "Free to Play" and "Play to Earn" models different?
Yes, "Free to Play" and "Play to Earn" games are based on different revenue models; the user has to buy NFT or Crypto tokens to play "Play to Earn games. However, can play "Free to Play" games without spending a single buck.
What are games generate the most revenue?
The top highest-grossing video games are Honors of Kings, Clash of Clans, Pokemon, Mario, Call of Duty, Wii, PubG etc. These games have generated revenue from $90,000,000,000 to $ 14,808,000,000.
Is PubG mobile the most played game in India?
No, PubG mobile has been replaced from India's most popular game with Garena Free Fire as per Google Play store. However, India was the biggest market for PUBG in 2020, accounting for more than 28.8% of the game's 644 million by September.
What are the companies that earn the highest revenue in the gaming industry?
Numerous companies are generating huge revenue in the gaming industry. However, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Tencent, and Activation Blizzard are some of the highest revenue generation companies. - SONY: $24.9 billion. - MICROSOFT: $16.3 billion. - NINTENDO: $15.3 billion. - TENCENT: $13.9 billion. - Activation Blizzard: $ 8 billion

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5 tips for leveling up video game marketing with social media

Marketing is one of the fundamental requirements for every business. Likewise, the gaming business also creates and applies numerous marketing strategies to get the right audience and earn high ROI.

With the constant evolution of culture, technology, industry and business affects how business is being driven. So, being adaptable is a prime prerequisite that every gaming company needs to establish for running their business in the competitive era. Social media marketing is one of the auxiliary marketing resources that can help you to achieve the expected results. Social media has become an integral part of our day-to-day life. Game companies can utilize it in marketing their games to achieve their goal sets (Audience, ROI and more).

So, we are sharing some proven methods for promoting and selling games using social media resources.

What are the benefits of using social media for game marketing?

Indeed, social media platforms do well for every industry and it is no more secret that social media has the potential to transform a seemingly smaller studio's game into a viral sensation or a big talk of the town.

Social Media platforms give a fair chance to every business to connect with their audience through different content formats. Moreover, some platforms establish particular features and spaces for the gaming industry and game lovers: like Facebook, Twitch, Netflix etc.

According to marketing experts, the Twitter platform has its own trending category, dedicated to gaming. Moreover, they stated that Twitter found that audiences sent 70 gaming-related Tweets every second between 2020 to 2021.

According to Backlnko, there were 4.48 billion users are active on social media in 2021, while Statista stated that there were more than 3.2 billion gamers worldwide in 2021. So, there are more chances that 3.2 billion of gamers make up part of the larger number of 4.48 social media users.

Facebook watch history data:-

GamesFollowers & Watch hours
PUBG Mobile19.8 Million Followers & 68.3 K watch hours
Grand Theft Auto V10.2 Million Followers & 34.7K watch hours
Garena Free Fire18.4 Million Followers & 15.1K watch hours
Mobile Legends11.7 Million Followers & 8.6 K watch hours
Call of Duty:Warzone2.5 Million Followers & 8.3 K watch hours
Call of Duty: Mobile3.6 Million Followers & 3.5 K watch hours
League of Legends3 Million Followers & 2.1 K watch hours
Apex Legends1.4 Million Followers & 2.1 K watch hours

Usage of Social Media Platforms for Game marketing

Community building

Community building is one of the marketing pillars for any game. It plays a vital role in creating brand awareness, a game audience and more.

An engaged fan base can help game developers incredibly in many ways. A large community of committed players can help you to create a great foundation for long term success and build a strong reputation before other gamers. Moreover, players who are committed to your game, will lead to success and advocates for your game which will help further attract more players and fans.

Community building also helps in:-

  • Collective learning
  • Collective Growth
  • Collective Experience
  • Trust Building
  • Movement Formation
  • Innovation

How to build a gaming community using social channels?

Discord, Twitter & Telegram are some of the main social platforms that attract gamers. These platforms can help you to build a gaming community using various features of these channels.

Discord is a platform that enables users to make free voice calls, video calls, and text chats. The platform is used by more than 10 million users (people ages 13+) to talk and hang out with their communities and friends.

Discord enables marketers to market their games through the following features:

  • Using discord, game developers can build a community of fans who stay connected to the game name and brand too,
  • It offers the possibility to do direct sales to the community via Store Channels,
  • Also, it provides daily statistics with your game purchases and other relevant data like customers' location, etc.

You can utilize the Discord platform to create your game community and promote it for free. Moreover, you can use your Twitter handle to post your game development process, new features and other add-ons to keep your community motivated, and loyal to your game. Telegram's group feature also helps in building community and keep them connected through similar features of discord like calling, and texting.

Contextual Advertising

Context advertising is targeted advertising that runs with the help of content on the website or other media to reach audiences.

Indeed, website creation or blog publication is a part of contextual advertising that would help you to create a brand appearance. Using this format, you can make gamers learn, how will your game work for them? You can also share your ideas, and collect their expectations and thoughts using different forms and comment sections,which will let you know how people want to see your game.

  • Circulate relevant information
  • Create brand awareness
  • Collective learning
  • Collective Growth

Which is the best platform for contextual advertising platform?

Using Medium, Substack, Blogger, Linked In, or a personalized website can feed your need for contextual advertising. However, social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms can also help you in contextual advertising.

Medium is a social publishing platform that is open to all to a diverse array of stories, ideas, and perspectives.Any individual or organization can use this as it is loaded with the most insightful NFT stories to welcome the introduction of Meta verse; it has more than 60 million monthly active users.

Medium has some other advantages to use:

  • Provides you with daily stats that help you to review your blog performance
  • Meidum helps improve Consumer Engagement
  • Medium targets Generation Z.
  • Increase Brand Awareness and more.

Search & Video advertising

Search advertising is another way to show the ad to your audience using search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Search advertising helps you to reach the right audience using a search advertising strategy.

For Example:- if you have a Ludo game and want to people play your game. You can run an ad for this on Google or other search engine, when the user searches for "Ludo game" your game will appear in the search list.

Note: Search advertising is a paid marketing tactic and can be helpful for companies that have a big advertising budget.

How to apply search advertising for your game promotion?

Search advertising enables users to show their ads in different formats. Game developers cannot only create ads for their keywords for their game website;moreover, it has the feature of video ads, playable ads and much more.

Using Google ads services, you can explore and create better ads for your game, you can also share gameplay experiences with your user using a playable ad format, which can attract more customers compared to other ad formats.

One of the best advantages of search advertising is that the customer only pays when searchers click on their ad. Moreover, customers can also set their daily spending and specify their target audience to ensure you connect with highly motivated players.

YouTube or other video ads can help you connect with the audience who are looking for similar games.

Influential Marketing

Z-gen is not only an active gamer generation, but they influence many through gaming skills and reviews. Indeed, numerous qualities impact gamers playing different games and using other platforms — streamers, bloggers, and Instagram celebrities that are famous online players.

Social media influencers can help you out in marketing your video games. You can assume how beneficial it is when a millennial followers' influencer talks about your game and reviews different parts of your games.Moreover, it also gives a human and reliable face for your game branding.

Where and how will you get game influencers?

Influential marketing depends on the influencers and their account performance, post impression and much more. So, it is required to have a proven research report before investing in influential marketing.

To create an effective marketing strategy, you must have to refine influencers using web tools and influencer metrics to find the most suitable influencer for the game industry. After that, you need to approach influencer for your video game marketing or you can also use your known influencers to promote your game.

You can use Instagram, Facebook Pages, and YouTube channels to find the popular influencers of the gaming industry. These channels will also give you a rough idea of how they perform in their niche.

Most streamed game channels on YouTube: Most streamed game channels on YouTube from Statista 2022

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a traditional and the most effective game marketing strategy that you can apply to promote your game to the gaming audience. As mostly games are being downloaded, when they show their actions or gameplay, using live streaming for game promotion can allow you to show your audience how your game works and how they can play it.

The YouTube video platform includes gaming tutorials, reviews, and Let’s Play videos.Over 350 gaming video creators on YouTube had more than 10 million followers and watched over 100 billion hours of gaming video content in 2020.

Live streaming depends on the channel audience, it can also be understood as a part of Influential marketing as Live streaming requires a player face that can attract and communicate with a large audience.

Some platforms you can use for live streaming include Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. So, you would have to ensure that when and where you can connect with your audience.

Twitch is one of the best platforms for video game marketing as it has the highest rate of gaming audience. Here are some result published by

Live Streaming data from Important Note:- Some other tools that can also help you in marketing are TikTok, Instagram Reels & Video. Moreover, you can also try video game marketing with Referral and other traditional marketing concepts.

Wrapping up:-

In this blog, we have summarized proven video game marketing strategies using social media platforms. However, we would also like to recommend you that it is better to develop a comprehensive social strategy that makes sense for your audience rather than replicating any successful game's social media strategy that you would have read before.

Gamix Labs is a game development company that provides extensive game development services for each type of game including NFT, Meta verse, Hyper casual, Arcade, Casino and so on.


How to promote games online?
Using social media platforms, personalized websites, search advertising, and experiential marketing strategy can help you to design a successful online game promotion roadmap.
How to create a gaming community with limited resources?
Creating a gaming community doesn't need premium resources but the talent to acquire and retain gamers for a long time. Telegram, Discord, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and other platforms can help you to create a gaming community without paying a single penny.
How to find a game development company?
Many game development companies are waiting for you to enter "Game development company" on your search engine. However, it would be best if you always considered working with a reliable and trusted game development company because game development uses different development processes from other IT development industries and requires mastery in various fields to create a stand-alone game. Gamix Labs is one of the finest game development outsourcing studios, helping businesses in creating different types of games with unique features and excellent graphics.
Which type of games are popular in the industry?
Hyper casual, Play to earn games are on the rise at the moment of writing this article. However, some of the most successful games are based on the Free to Play making model.
  • PUBG: Battlegrounds
    • 1,200 million downloads
    • Free-to-play
  • CrossFire
    • 1,000 million
    • Free-to-play
  • Dungeon Fighter Online
    • 850 million
    • Free-to-play
Can we launch our game on social platforms?
Yes, you can launch your game on social platforms like Facebook, Twitch, FreetoGame,, and more. However, [the Facebook instant game]( platform is one of the most powerful and successful gaming platforms for developers. The Facebook platform allows developers to launch instant games on their site without cost. Click here to read the complete guide for the Facebook game launch.

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Play 2 Earn game

Play-to-earn (P2E) games offer lots of new experiences and provide players with game assets (not limited to game-life), real cash and cryptocurrency earning opportunities.

With the immense popularity of crypto-currencies, NFTs and their underlying blockchain technologies, it has been adopted by almost every industry. The gaming industry has also adopted it to deliver new experiences, which created a new game model popular as the Play 2 Earn game.

Indeed, P2E games have become the primary topic in the gaming community after the popularity of blockchain. Moreover, many investors and entrepreneurs are interested in making their play-to-earn games after knowing the potential of making profits from such games.

In this blog, we have rendered detailed aspects of Play 2 earn games, including introduction, tokenomics, revenue generation and exciting pros of Play to earn games.

Introduction: Play to Earn Game

"Play-to-earn" is a newly introduced game model that offers players to earn rewards in the form of money, tokens, NFTs, etc.

These games are also popular as Crypto games, as you may have heard about Cryptokitties, Crypto dragon etc.

Crypto games USP (Unique Selling Point): Users can earn cryptocurrency by playing games.

These games are based on a business model that develops and works on Web3 and blockchain technology as these games are decentralized, where players can allow to trade their digital assets with other players. As we know, these games are depend on blockchain technology, that make these games available to distribute their exclusive NFTs and crypto coins among their players.

How Play to Earn game works ?

In Play to earn games, gamers can buy and hold valuable game assets in the form of NFT can be anything from game assets, cards, and a particular cryptocurrency. The game earning depends on the "Play more, Earn more" concept.

The more gamers play the P2E games, the more assets they will be able to collect; moreover, it will also increase the value of assets with the increasing share of consumers.

Furthermore, these games' assets are not only valuable inside the game like traditional games because Play to earn games' assets have real-world value. Players can transfer game assets in the real world and can sell them for cryptocurrency or real money according to their terms.

As Play to earn games are developed on a decentralized platform, these games cannot be fully controlled by developers like traditional games were, and each player can verify their transactions and track their NFT records.

Each player of Play to earn games contributes to the game's growth because in these games assets are distributed among players and by participating (in-game economy), players generate value for other players as well as game developers.

What is the economic model of Play to earn game?

We are using an example of the popular game Axie Infinity to make you know how the economic model of Play to earn game works.

Axie Infinity, is one of the fastest growing and most popular Play to Earn games, developed by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese developer. The game has about 1 million daily active user base.

The gameplay is based on breeding, training and completing task using Axies (Cute Furry Creatures). Players can buy, breed and train them to conduct battles with the goal to small love potions (SLP), which can use to create new Axies.

Moreover, SLP is a cryptocurrency and can be traded on crypto exchange. Pro players make more than 1,500 SLPs a day ( 1 SLP is for $0.00383 at this moment, you can check current rate here).

Axie Infinity also enable users to sell, as Axie is an NFT and can be traded on a dedicated marketplace. As this, game allows users to trade Axie and other game assets =-(real-estate, flowers, and other objects) to other player.

Tokenomics of P2E Games

As a central concept to crypto gaming, tokenomics is a fast emerging field in game design.Tokenomics is the portmanteau of ‘token’ – specifically a crypto token or coin – and ‘economics’. The term defines the interaction between various blockchain and decentralized technologies.

A game’s tokenomics align the motivations of various parties; from creating a profit for a developer, in a simple model, all the way to being the defining aspect of fully decentralised and autonomous projects with millions of participants and billions of dollars in market capitalization.

Play-to-earn games work with different tokenomics systems as some games work with native cryptocurrency and some game functions remain on cryptocurrency.

Native Cryptocurrency

There are many P2E games that have their own native currency in the form of tokens. These tokens act similarly to traditional, in-game currencies. Additionally, these game tokens have real-world value.

Some examples are:

  • The Sandbox ---------SAND
  • Decentral Land -------MANA
  • Axie Infinity ----------SLP and AXS
  • Gala ------------------ GALA
  • WAX ----------------- WAXP

Note: All these currencies exist on the Ethereum blockchain and have market value, which falls and up time by time.

Existing Cryptocurrency

Some games like Cryptokitties, Crypto dragons' tokens are developed on existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano, etc.

Why is blockchain a mandatory part of Play to earn game?

Since the introduction of blockchain technology, many developers have released their games based on technology as this is an emerging technology and have a lots of pros for each industry for gaming it brought decentralization, and asset ownership.

Moreover, it has been acknowledged that most Play to earn games are modified version of Free-to-play games. Emerging Blockchain technology in free-to-play games expands the opportunities to create many exclusive digital assets such as NFTs, crypto coins, etc.

Benefits of using Blockchain in Play to earn games:-

There are various advantages of creating play-to-earn games on blockchain technology; some advantages are mentioned below:

➤ Developers can host their games on decentralized server for free-of-cost using blockchain technology, which is more stable than centralized servers.

➤ Using blockchain technology helps developers to make and distribute NFTs as compared to other digital assets.

➤ As an emerging and fraudulent free technology, it avails option to receive crypto rewards directly in the player's wallets.

Benefits of Play to earn games

These games are not just popular and becoming a trend because of their unexceptional growth, but these games give various benefits to their gamers, developers, and game producers. So, here, we are covering the benefits of Play to earn games.

Assets Ownership

The remarkable benefit of Play 2 earn games is asset ownership. In traditional video games, this never became a part of gameplay that the players have full control over their assets. Since the game assets can only be used inside the particular game only, which become worthless once the game developers decide to shutdown their game.

Although, P2E game concept has changed the scenario, now players are owners of their infinite game assets. Infinite in the sense that the assets will not be limited to game life. It can be traded inside the game or any other supported blockchain marketplace.

Real Money

Since Play 2 earn games offer players to earn money while playing these games. Play 2 earn games are designed with game-economic system which enables players to earn different assets in the form of NFTs, crypto-tokens and in-game currency.

These games give opportunity to players to create their own NFTs within the game and powers-up their NFT(which can be Hero, , Land, or Game assets according to the gameplay) through different stats.

After creating NFT, the players can trade their NFTs within a game to the other players or can trade it in different marketplace. Some games also have options to earn crypto-token from games, which can be traded as NFTs.

Develops Community

As per DappRadar data, Play 2 Earn games strengthen the gaming community, and the latest P2E games are rapidly growing their communities. Axie Infinity, a Play to earn game has a community of 106,000 daily active users and 302,000 weekly active users.

This tremendous community growth is possible due to the P2E model into games, since these games' players can play together to accomplish the missions and can split the rewards.

Blockchain Adoption

An Adoption of blockchain technologies by gaming industry could leave a positive impact on other industries, which would also help to introduce millions of people to the power and innovation of blockchain and other underlying technologies.

Equal benefits

P2E games can be expanded to any length with lots of new things which were not possible before. P2E gameplay not just shares game revenue to the organization but also shares opportunities to earn real cash and offer DAO rights to its players. So, players can decide how they want to play the game and what their rules and regulations should be.

What are the important factors for P2E games?

There are various factors that should be considered to make a better strategy for any P2E game. Here, we have mentioned some of them.

Market-oriented:- This factor helps you to decide how engaging your game will be for a large audience base. So, while developing P2E game it should be tested with initial gameplay and other marketing standards.

Monetization Modules:- Monetization is to measure how much the users will spend and purchase in game assets of your game. You can earn more money by offering different digital assets.

NFT Minting Power:- This factor measures that how much your players will have to pay for each issued NFT. The more charges of NFTs will help to claim more profit and generate high-revenue for companies.

Economic Sustainability:- Play-to-earn games are popular for economic; so, it is mandatory to have a economic sustainability, which will help you to attract more players towards your game.

Gameplay Longevity:- Game longevity is one of the main factors of successful games. So, more longevity of games will maintain a significant user base in the game.

User Retention:- Retention in game is to calculate how much time a player spends playing your game. A higher retention graph helps the developers in expanding their game's community.

Wrapping up:-

We hope you have gotten an idea about Play to earn game and its token models; moreover, you are aware of its benefits of players and the gamers community.

Gamix Labs is a game development studio working with the blockchain industry's best talent and providing all the solutions for Play 2 Earn game development like Web3 integration, Wallet integration, Token minting, NFT minting, smart contract development, multiplayer games, and so on.


What is Play to earn game?

Play to earn games are developed the concept of the "Play more, earn more"; these games are developed on blockchain technology.

How many types of tokens are there in Play to earn games?

Usually, there are two types of tokens:- Native Cryptocurrency or existing cryptocurrencies. However, both tokens have real market value and act similarly.

Why are Play to earn games popular?

Play to earn games offer a chance to earn cryptocurrency that has real-world value while having fun is one of the main factors that make it booming and so popular in the gaming industry.

Are Play to earn games legit?

Yes, Play to earn games are legal in almost every country, including India.

Why to invest in Play to earn games?

There are various reasons that can be considered for investing in Play-to-earn games. As play-to-earn games market is growing rapidly, and giving a better business opportunity to entrepreneurs, developers, and gamers.

Statista reported that the global gaming market is expected to reach around $270 billion by 2025. Moreover, there are other graphs and report that shows win-win chance for investor in the gaming industry.

➤ Consumer spending in the United States has grown upto 8% in 2021.

➤ The gaming market has generated highest revenue, which is around 180.3 billion dollars in the year 2021.

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 Games for Facebook Platform

We have picked a hot topic to discuss in today's blog that will give you insights about Facebook gaming platform and enables you to learn how to bag more boons to your business using the amazing gaming platform with simple mini HTML5 games.

In this blog, we have covered everything about Facebook games, where the readers can learn about Facebook game benefits but will also get strong knowledge about the Facebook/mini game development process, how to select a game engine from numerous game engines and much more.

Facebook Game Revenue

While researching this topic, we found interesting things that people are searching "Is the video game industry bigger than holly wood?". Yes, it is fantastic to share that the gaming industry is generating more revenue than the cinema and music industries.

"In 2020, the U.S. video game industry grew 27% to $56.9 billion in revenue, says NPD Group, surpassing movies and music combined" published in USA Today globally-recognized print media of the United States of America.

So, the above revenue generation information makes it more interesting that investors and gaming companies are generating high revenue on their investments. So, if you also want to invest in the gaming field, then the Facebook gaming platform is one of the few best platforms to launch your game.

"Facebook Gaming has grown to become a legitimate threat to the throne that Twitch has held for some time as the premier video game streaming platform. Passing Youtube Gaming for the first time ever in hours watched in a quarter signals a passing of the torch for second place and is clear evidence of Facebook Gaming’s impressive growth. While the social media giants have plenty of catching up to do with Twitch, it seems to be well on the way to become a more competitive rival."

Robert Pascal, eSports editor, at Safe Betting Sites.

Mr. Pascal's statement made it clear that the Facebook Platform is proliferating and becoming a formidable competitor of YouTube Gaming and Twitch.

Before going to start the main advantages of launching a game on Facebook platform, we would like to tell you,

What is Facebook gaming platform?

Facebook Gaming platform is similar to YouTube Gaming and Amazon's Twitch. However, Facebook gaming platform offers Android users a few more perks. Apart from the streaming factor, the platform allows users to join groups and also has mini-games sections like Ludo Club, Water Slide, OMG and more. Users can play Facebook games without installing any third-party app.

So, now we are going to discuss the benefits you can get by launching a game on Facebook gaming platform.

Unique Distribution

Facebook games are developed on HTML5 technology, which makes them the most accessible games for all devices as HTML5 are web-based games that can be played on cross platforms. Moreover, HTML5 games take less time to develop in comparison to developing games on other technology like Unity or Unreal. Furthermore, HTML5 games can be shared using a unique URL.

Easy Promotion

Facebook games can be easily promoted through a variety of features available on Facebook itself. Those features help businesses to grow their game through organic practices. Facebook requires businesses to create a page for each game, which helps businesses engage more users on their page and manage the community using the game page.

Wide Audience

Facebook has the largest user base among all of the social channels available in the industry. So, it offers more opportunities to grow your mini game. The best thing about Facebook gaming platforms is unified within So, it enhances your game's reach to a wider audience range without making extra efforts and investing dollars in running paid ads.

Hassle-Free Monetization

Facebook offers hassle-free monetization facilities to the business that leads your business in the right way. As Facebook offers businesses to show ads within their gameplay. The platform offers two types of ad integration formats: the first one is for rewarded videos and the second is Interstitial Ads.

In-Game Purchase Feature

Facebook allows gaming companies to sell coins, powers and other elements in their gameplay. Indeed, it is a bonus point,and you can launch your game with in-game purchase features on Facebook instant gaming platform.

20+ Game Genres

Facebook enables developers to publish 20+ Game Genres on its gaming platforms. Facebook allows developers to publish games in Arcade, Action, Adventure, Battle, Board, Builder, Card, Casino, Design, Match, Merge, Puzzle, Quick Play, Quiz Trivia, Racing, Role-Playing, Runner, Simulation and many more genres.

Multiplayer Games

Developers can also publish multiplayer games on the Facebook gaming platform as Facebook offers features to publish multiplayer games with tournaments and other amazing features.

What are the best Facebook game development engines?

Many searches shows developers and businesses are finding out about search engines for creating Facebook instant games. So, in this blog, we have covered the answer to Frequently Asked Questions : Why do I need a game engine to develop a mini game? What are the features required for the instant game engine? And so on.

Why do I need to choose the best engine for developing instant games?

There are numerous game engines available in the gaming industry that are being used for game development. However, each game engine has its own pros and drawbacks, like most AAA titles are developed on Unreal game engine, while Unity is famous for creating casino games and other 2D games.

To make your work easier, and give you the convenience of selecting the best game engines for mini game development, we have already tested and we know these engines will perform well for Facebook instant platform.

These five engines are also prescribed by Facebook platform and are easy to use. These can be used by non-specialized developers too, as these engines don't require special coding knowledge to create a game.

Cocos2D Game Engine

Cocos2D supports many animation features like Skeletal Animation and Sprite Sheet Animation. It also supports Coordinate systems, Effects, multi resolution devices, Textures, Particles, Transitions, TileMaps and more. Also, it adopts a RenderQueue design. Some other features can also be obtained with Cocos2D like supports auto-batching, auto-culling and caching transform.

Construct3 Game Engine

Construct3 game engine is a clean and simple to use software. Construct3 offers many features that can help us to create amazing games such as backward compatible, performance improvements, JavaScript Coding, time line Animations, text and SpriteFont Styling, and more. We can quickly add new levels and features without much fuss using this game engine.

GameMaker Studio

With the help of GameMaker Studio, developers can bring any dream into reality with its numerous excellent features it give the best result in building sprite-based 2D games.

Some of the best developers have stated that "In our experience, GameMaker Studio tool set allows you to make just about any game you can imagine, whether large or small."I

GDevelop Game Engine

GDevelop is also a non-skilled game developing machine. Truly, a non-developer can design their game idea on this engine as it activates the game's actions without having to learn any programming language. Moreover, this engine has capabilities to empower you in designing build for any platform.You can create any type supported on the FB instant platform using this engine.

Phaser game engine

Phaser game engine is suitable for those developers who want a solid base on which to build their games. Phaser is one of the popular and preferred game engines, that is good for developing cross-platform games.The game engine is compatible with a wide range of plugins and has a large community of developers with Phaser.

Note: Facebook also added the Unity2Canvas game engine to their prescribed list, which can help developers to export their existing game code to an Instant game code (HTML5 code).

How to develop a game for the Facebook instant platform?

Facebook supports HTML5 games, which are also known as mini games or web-based games. These games are developed using the above-mentioned game engine or can be developed with customized game engines.

Building instant games follows the same development process as HTML5, like pre-production, production, quality assurance, launch, and post-production maintenance. Moreover, designing games for the instant platforms also required consideration of Facebook norms, which are mentioned on the official website.

  • Respect boundaries
  • Don't criticize
  • Don't be rude
  • Don't flood the chat
  • Don't self promote
  • Keep it clean

Wrapping up:-

In this blog, we have concluded the advantages of launching the game on the Facebook gaming platform and mentioned the prescribed game engines for game development. Also, render an idea of how you can develop your Facebook instant game with ease.

If you are looking for an experienced Facebook game development team who can help you to create exciting and impeccable Facebook instant games, you can hire Gamix Labs. We delivered many games for the Facebook platform, like Ludo Champ, Number Puzzle, Minesweeper, Intruder etc.


Can anyone deploy games on Facebook platform?

Yes, any game developer or game producer can deploy their instant games on Facebook platform by creating a developer account.

Does Facebook have a multiplayer game option?

Yes, Facebook allows developers to deploy instant games, including multiplayer, arcade, board, learning, Puzzle, and many more.

Are there any charges for playing Facebook instant games?

No, Facebook doesn't charge a single penny for playing Facebook games as these games are deployed for entertainment purposes on the platform.

How much does it cost to create instant games?

The development cost of each game varies and depends on the project complexity and the client's requirements. Click here to know more.

How can Gamix Labs help us in creating the Facebook games?

Gamix Labs team is well-versed in game development and has delivered more than 250+ games for different platforms. We also have hands-on experience in developing Facebook instant games as we developed Ludo Champ, Number Puzzle, Learning games, and many more.

How can I earn through Facebook game?

Facebook allows developers to enable ads during the gameplay, which helps developers to earn money through Facebook game development.

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Gunman Battle game on Play Store

Most gaming companies invest their assets and efforts in designing an astounding game application with the hope that it will boom in the market and receive high ROI, but they fail to achieve the expected results.

People are passionate about developing a game and think it will be the town's next big talk. And they develop their games using clean programming, with exciting new features and fascinating premium graphics in their games. However, they fail to achieve the best outcomes, which means that these are not enough to consider, and we should focus on other factors to work on, to build standout game apps.

It's pretty surprising for us, but as per the graph, 80 to 90% of mobile apps are abandoned just after a single use. Moreover, research says that an average mobile app tends to lose around 77% of Daily Active Users just within three days of its installation.

So, in this blog, we have covered crucial information that would help you develop a successful game app development roadmap. If you also have some ground-breaking game ideas and want to scrabble your name in the industry, read the whole blog and get benefits.

Before going to share tips of designing a game app development roadmap, we would like to make you aware of the reasons for its failure. So, it will help you to do better than others.

What are the prime reasons for mobile game app failure?

There are various reasons for mobile game app failure, but the major reasons are insufficient market research and product core inefficiency. We've mentioned both reasons in brief that lead to game app failure.

Insufficient Market research

As per industry reports, 47% of failures are recorded due to insufficient research. Moreover, it has been reported that less than 0.01% of mobile apps were expected to be commercially successful by the end of 2018.

Product Core Inefficiency

Many game applications are failed due to product core inefficiencies like development issues, app crashes, bugs, or non-user-friendly applications. 19% of mobile apps fail to achieve their expected growth due to a weak product core, in which UI/UX is one of the main components.

Statistics show that 25% of mobile applications are used only once due to bad UX.

By reading this blog, you will have an idea of the finest aspects of designing a game app layout that will lead you to success for both iOS and Android platforms. So, let's start with the importance of market research.

Why is market research important for game development, and how to do it?

According to reports, 72% of mobile applications fail to perform in the market or targeted industry due to limited market research.

So, it is important to have market research before creating a game-development designing map for any game app's success. Indeed, you must have to invest your time in market research to learn how the industry works, what popular gaming studios are doing, and what engages customers more.

Market Research

Market research gives you crucial insights that help businesses develop strategies for their future development. We have given a brief note below to help you in market research by questioning yourself.

What is your business model?

Yes, this is the first part of creating any business layout. You will have to decide a business model before proceeding or creating further plans, which can help you in frame a business plan perfectly.

Plan your game model and analyze it within industrial terms

The first step in designing a layout for game application development is to understand the purpose of the game development. And then, you will also have to be aware of why you are designing the game, and how it will be beneficial for you or your organization. What should be in the gameplay, and how can you make it more engaging?

Also, checkmark the below pointers:-

➤ Identify your target audience(s)

➤ Scope the competition

➤ Engage a portion of your persona

➤ Summarize data and draw conclusions

Purpose of Game Development

There are mainly three purposes of game development which are listed below:

Player Experience

Games are designed to collect players' data through satisfactory gaming experiences and activities from different aspects.

Revenue Generation

Many games are developed to generate revenue using monetization model ads, in-game purchases, Premium versions, etc.

Brand Optimization

Games are also developed on free-to-play models using branding tactics to create brand value among existing and potential customers.

Here we have finished "Why is market research important for game development?" in the next section, we will continue with developing good marketing strategy tactics.

How to design a successful game app development layout?

Designing a successful game app development layout requires a good marketing strategy, which can be created by defining your organization, your business model and analyzing the market's current situation. You can utilize various online forums, gaming communities, and social media platforms or create landing pages, Facebook ads, and more to develop a good marketing strategy.

Aftermaths with market research and developing your marketing strategy for the game, you can follow the below steps to get the best result.

Set a Monetization Model

If you are designing a game to earn money from your product, you must remember to bring a monetization model in your game because when users download or install, that doesn't mean they are purchasing your services, but when they play and give you something back, then the deal cracks. So, it would be best if you are assured that you have a clear roadmap of game monetization, which gives you possible outcomes, churns, and more. For your ease, we have mentioned three models here. You can pick any monetization model like Ads, Premium Version, or In-App Purchase to generate revenue sources for your games.

● Ads

You can use the Pay-per-click revenue model for your game. Whenever the player clicks on the ads, you will get paid.

● Premium version

You can also create a Premium version of your game. Once the users engage with initial playing, you can ask them to purchase a premium version.

● In-app purchases

You can add game elements like powers, upgrades, coins, and other things within the game to purchase whenever they want to buy.

It is mandatory to keep your eyes on genre trends as it helps you to win the race with your competitors, and keeps you ahead in the industry. Indeed, choosing a genre decides your game growth. So, it is essential to choose wisely the game genre you want to enter with.

Because designing the same game against big game companies cannot make you stand in a win-win situation, and you would not likely going to succeed with your decisions.

So, ensure that your game genre is simple yet approaching and should have exciting game elements that can bring different types of gamers to your platform.

Focus on Main Game Element

A repetitive mistake observed by failed projects is that developers ultimately spend lots of time building something that would not work for their game elements. So, developers should consider focusing on the main elements of the game and should do 20% of the development work of your grand vision because that 20% of the work will have 80% of the impact of your game.

By applying this method in development any game app will help you reduce development time, effort and resources on things that are not going to make a serious impact on your game application.

Simple & Captivating graphics:-

The development state includes the production tenure of the game, which consists of graphic design UI/UX, programming, preparing a monetization model, and deciding the platform for the game.

Before starting how should a game app look, you should answer the below question,

What do you see before installing a game application?

We think you would probably say that you see the screenshots and checkout the game layout and description provided in the app store. Moreover, we also know if you don't like the provided design, characters, and game plots, you might not install the game application, and the same thing happens with your audience.

Because most developers and game producers focus on the overall look of the game application and don't consider eye-detailing on individual graphics of the game, which is highly important to look after at each stage to build a bespoke game application; moreover, experts always recommend considering each small detail of the gameplay.

Create Captive Designs to indulge users

Graphics are not enough to make the best UI/UX for any game, you are required to bring life to each character, environment, and overall graphics; that means you need to get creative designers who can serve your requirements and make exciting UI/UX. You can follow the given factors:-

  • Use Consistency Standards
  • Aesthetic and Minimalist Design
  • A match between the system and the real world

Choose development technology

After deciding the monetization model, you will need to choose the best technology for game development that includes everything from programming languages to the tools you want to use while keeping in mind that selected technologies can give you profitable results.

In this segment, you should also evaluate which platform will be more beneficial for your game genre because often, people don't consider it, and they launch their app on a platform that isn't entirely suitable for their game's genre.

For iOS app development, you can use

  • Objective C, Swift - Programming language
  • Xcode, Appcode - iOS Development Tools
  • UIkit, Swiftkit- UI Frameworks

For Android app development, you can use

  • Java, Kotlin, Flutter - Programming language
  • Android Studio - Android Development Tools
  • Android UI, Jetpack - UI Frameworks

Engines for Game Development

  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • Cocos
  • Construct2
  • AppGameKit

Use Customer development approach

Mastering in customer development approach can build a simple game app, the finest title of all time, as it will build with the core idea and requirements of the gamers. So, you can talk to your customer through various social platforms about your game or can directly schedule calls to get their feedback and to have words for your game; it will be surprising for you.

As players are willing and excited to talk to the game developers of the game they play, even if it's a newly launched game. So, we recommend you get in touch with your customer to make the perfect game.

Also, keep an eye on your players' reviews on Play Store or Apple Store and always try to reply to all reviews while confronting negative too. As there are many game apps, they have been down on the Apple store due to unanswered queries. This simple ignoring ended up with a 2.0 rating and tons of uninstalls for those developers. So, you should make sure that you review almost every review and cover it in the next version.

Hire an experienced app development team

Yes, this is also a crucial step to create a successful product. You would have to hire a professional game development studio because creating a popular game application is not possible without a reliable development team.

So, it would be best to work with a dedicated team who is creative enough to transform your imagination into reality, like Gamix Labs,which can provide multiple services regarding a successful game development app.

Gamix Labs is a full-cycle game development company that provides extensive game development services, including game art design, animation, and development under one roof. We are one of the top game development companies in India and are experts in mobile game development. We have experience in developing games that can be loved by non-gamers & pro players.

Wrapping Up:

We hope you have learned everything that your competitors never want you to know how to create a booming app for Android and iOS platforms. If you want to learn more about game development, you can follow us on our social channels or hire us for your next project by clicking here.


What are the reasons for failing game applications?

Insufficient market research and product core inefficiency are the main factors for failing any game application.

How much time does it take to develop a game application?

Development time depends on the size and complexity of the game. To know the accurate development time and cost, click here.

What are the engines used for mobile game development?

Mobile game development can be done using any game engine or from the list given below.

  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • Cocos
  • Construct2
  • AppGameKit
Is Gamix Labs an art outsourcing studio?

Yes, Gamix Labs is a full-cycle game development studio, and it also offers art outsourcing services for every type of game.

Do you provide services for multiplayer games?

Yes, Gamix Labs team provides game development services for almost every genre, including single or multiplayer games. We can help you to create fighting, arcade, or other multiplayer games.