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What is the Best Language for Game Development?

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What is the best language for game development?

Video game is actually a software that runs on different programming languages. To program a video game, a person must be aware or master of a language, but which language? is still a question of many people.

In this blog, we will make you inform which programming language is the best for games or the best language for games. Moreover, we will include the pros and cons of each listed language and also conclude a brief definition of Game Programming.

So, let's start with the definition of game programming to make the further steps more smooth.

What is Game Programming?

Game programming is a writing code to create gameplay of any game, like coding for moving objects, creating matches, and all other actions that exist in a game, depends on programming.

Each language has its own potential and pros to create specific application or software with. Like Julia is popular for data science, while JavaSript for web development.

Features of the Best Programming Languages for Games

As it is, there are multiple languages for game development, but the best language must be balanced with game development functionalities:

Fast & Secure

The language must be fast and secure for game development as games are designed with real time action features.


A video game programming must have the potential to support large volumes of data and immersive graphics components.

Supported Different Frameworks

A programming language must support different frameworks, game development kits and game engines.

Well, we have listed the features that are required for choosing the best language for game development. Now, we are going to list down 5 most popular languages for game programming.

Top 5 Languages for Game Programming.

We are staring the list from C++ and then let you know its basic functionalities, then we will also list down the pros and cons including engines that support the language. Moreover, we will follow the same flow for other languages.


C++ is one of the most preferred and flexible languages for game development, originally developed by Bjarne Stroustrup who worked at Bell Labs in the United States.

C++ is an intermediate language which offers both low-level and high-level language components. It provides excellent results in programming and controls both hardware and graphical processes.

Moreover, C++ provides high-level optimization for parts that cannot be achieved by using other languages.

C++ can be used to build big screen games like Windows or Console game development. C++ is used in numerous AAA video games and gaming engines. Some popular games built with C++ are Maplestory, Invictus, Starcraft, Master of Orion III, Counter-Strike, and Football Pro.

Pros of C++Cons of C++
C++ is Fast and efficientComplex coding for beginners
Supported by GDKs and frameworksPlatform-specific development tool
Large community & open-source codeAbsence of Built-in Thread

Game Engines Support C+++


HTML5 is an excellent game development tool for developing cross-platform or cross-browser games for any genre. It is one of the favourite development technologies for game development. It offers 3D and 2D graphics, coma offline assets storage, and audio APIs.

Construct 2, ImpactJS, Phaser, Turbulenz, and Booty5 engines offer HTML5 Game Development process.

HexGL, Cross Code, Sketch Out, Treasure Arena, Bejewled, Missile Game, Sinouos, Swoop, Free Rider HD are some of the popular games developed with HTML5 technologies.

Pros of HTML5Cons of HTML5
Multimedia supportClient-side rendering
Short and simple syntaxLocal storage is less secure
Cross-platform supportDoesn’t support old browsers

Game Engines Support HTML5

  • Construct 2
  • Phaser
  • Pixi JS


Java is another programming language that has been used for big game titles. Java is a great tool for versatile development and is loaded with a rich collection of open source material. Using the Java language, developers can build any type of software.

Initially, Minecraft was also developed on Java, and that still exists. Moreover, compared to C++ development, Java offers easy writing, debugging, learning and compiling.

Mission Impossible III, Minecraft, FIFA 11, and Ferrari GT 3 games were developed by using Java programming.

Pros of JavaCons of Java
Easy to learn and useSlow performance
Cross-platform developmentVerbos and Complex Code
Supports Multi threadingDoesn't provide backup

Game Engines Support Java

  • Jake2
  • LibGDX
  • jMonkeyEngine


JavaScript is used for creating interactive online browser-based games. Games created with JavaScript require web technologies like CSS and HTML to create cross-platform games.

JavaScript-powered HTML5 games run on web browsers and mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

Popular games are Op Hog, PixelDefense, Tower Building, Pocket Island and many more.

Pros of JavaScriptCons of JavaScript
Easy to learn and useCannot Debug
Browser-based development toolUnexpected stop of rendering

Game Engine Supports JavaScript

  • Kiwi,js
  • Three.js
  • MelonJS


C# is the simplest, advanced, object-oriented programming language. It is not just a more accessible language but also has the potential to give exceptional outputs. XNA framework of C# enables developers to build Windows and Xbox games.

With the help of Unity3D and Xamarin, developers can build fantastic games for iOS, Android, PlayStation and Windows using C# language.

Some games developed with C# and Unity are Genshin Impact, Rust, Escape Plan, Escape from tarkov, Pokemon Go, Arizone Sunshine, and Cuphead.

Pros of C#Cons of C#
Fast and efficientHard learning curve
Thorough documentationStrict coding standards
Large CommunityDependence on .NET platform

Game Engines Supports C#

  • Unity
  • Godot
  • Mono Game

Wrapping up:

We have ended this topic after discussing C# functionalities, and we hope you have gone through the entire topic and have gotten an idea of which language will be the best for learning game programming. Our expert game development team recommends learning C++ or C# as these languages are supported by the industry's best game engines, including Unreal, Unity, CryEngine, Godot and many more.

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Is C++ the best language for games?

Yes, C++ is considered the most suitable programming language for game development because it provides more control, flexibility, and optimization of gaming resources.

Should I learn Java or C++?

Java is easier as compared to C++. Additionally, it is a newer language than C++ and is simple to execute, but learning of language depends on the process you are going to implement. If you are going to design an application, we would recommend you to use Java, while we will recommend you C++ for game programming.

What are the two most important benefits of C++?

C++ is a Fast and efficient programming language and is well supported by GDKs and frameworks.

Can we use Unreal and Unity with C++?

Unreal supports C++, while Unity supports C#. C++ is also used in CryEngine, Toy Engine, and many more.