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NFT Game

  • Brand : Anonymous
  • Platform : Web3
  • Genre : Casual
  • Service : NFT Game Development


The is the first NFT-based project focused on mental health utility. They have designed 3697 unique (NFT Non-fungible tokens) for their project, which can be purchased via OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace.

The team hired us to design and develop the game based on NFT. They hired us for gamification and full game development solutions with other requirements which are mentioned in this case study.

  • What is the NFT game, and how to play it?

  • The game is based on dragon NFTs, which can be used as an Avatar in the game-play.

    The gameplay of NFT game is pretty similar to Flappy birds in which the player or NFT has to go ahead while avoiding obstacles in the path and collecting gems.

    The player can play this game by clicking the mouse repeatedly. Each time the player clicks, the dragon flies up. The player has to tap at the right moment to make the dragon go as far as the player can.

  • Client's expectations from Gamix Labs.

  • The team asked to develop the game with features that can meet the following objectives.

    Interactive game-play with exciting UI/UX to engage customers,

    The game should have a Metamask wallet,

    Only NFT-owned users can play the NFT' game,

    To create a Leaderboard for competition and user engagement.

  • Gamix Labs offered these solutions for the NFT game.

  • We designed simple and most addictive gameplay for the NFT game. We utilized the finest environment for the gameplay that looks like a forest and designed relevant elements like thorny bushes, stones, flora and much more to give an exquisite feel to the players. We also design similar graphics for the user interface which gives the best gaming experience to the users.

    We integrated Web.3 system based on Ethereum technology and Metamask wallet in the game that helps users to access their Ethereum wallet within the game and also helps them to purchase an NFT, if already not purchased.

    As the client asked us to design the game with a verification feature. We design a system to read the Metamask data of the player whether the player has sufficient balance in his Metamask wallet or not. If the user meets the required balance in their Metamask wallet, we enable the player to play the game.

    We also added a leader board feature that allows users to see their performance while playing the game and helps them to compete with other players.

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