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Gamix Labs offers full-cycle and innovative game portal development solutions according to the customers' needs. We use cutting-edge technologies to develop the most communicating and users-focused game portal

We have years of experience in developing dynamic and user-focused game portals with customized functionalities and rich graphics. We are proficient at integrating customized extensions to create fully functional game portals like detailed video and image gallery, easy search options, assets stores, game synopsis, and featured sections.

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What is a Game Portal?

A game portal is a website where games are hosted to surf easily and play online without downloading or installing them on a particular device. Since games are the best source of entertainment and these days gaming websites and applications are booming and have high demand in the market as per New York's report, the gaming industry has made $300 billion in 2021. It is necessary to consider that you must have a captivating design that encourages people to play your games.

Gaming Portal could be your best revenue generator; if you know, how to get it designed and developed? Game portals are websites that are loaded with a variety of games that people like to play online. These are ready to play games like Ludo, Slots, Poker, Puzzle, Action, Casual, Casino and so on. Users can play online games by logging to Game Portal or using Guest Mode as per availability of the option

We offer Game Portal Development Services

Gamix Labs offers cross-platform web-based Game portal and multi-gaming app development services. Our dedicated game developers add various unique and multiple famous titles on Game portal to give the best gaming experience to the audience.

With the delivery of 250+ different games on different genres, we ensure you to fulfill your requirement. Our developers have competence to design new games of different complexity on different technologies like AR /VR, HTML5 and much more.

Multiple Games on a Game Portal

We can put number of games according to your need, it can be 10, 20+, 50+ or hundred on a single web-address.

Admin Control Features

Gamix Labs provides CRM that enable admin to control the game portal.
The feature list is mentioned below.

Gamix Labs Dashboard


We provide a dashboard for which admin can manage game settings, users activity, smart notifications etc.

Featured Section

Featured Section

We provide a Featured Section in our portal where admin can showcase novel game on the top of the portal.

Game Settings

Game Settings

Settings enables to change the game's experience, available settings are login, language, sound, game tutorials etc.

User Managemnt

User Management

User management helps you in managing and controlling users' activity and gives you the option to ban suspicious users.

Notifications Managment

Notifications Management

We provide an option to send smart notifications to the players that can help you in bringing them back to the game.

Ads Managements

Ads Management

Ads management enables you to add or remove advertisements and also helps you in placing rewards ads for users.

Reward Management

Reward Management

We design the dashboard with the feature of reward management that enables admin to add or less the rewards of each game.

Payment Management

Payment Management

Payment management feature helps admin in tallying in-app purchase transactions and used assets by the users.

Chips Management

Chips Management

We also integrate the chip management feature in the dashboard if the client asks to add Casino games on their portal.

Feature of Game Portal

We design Game portal with customized features to avail the best options to the players. Some features are listed here.
Social Login Option

Social Login Option

We develop game portals with social login option that enable users to play games without creating an account manually.

Social Sharing Feature

Social Sharing Feature

The users can share their score and game experience on social accounts and they can also share earned rewards and achievements.

Purchase Option

Purchase Option

We offer the in-app purchase option that helps your audience to purchase gaming assets using earned rewards from game play.

User Interface

User Interface

We design attractive Game portal UI that are compatible with different screen resolutions and attracts users from all ages.

Multiple Payment Option

Multiple Payment Option

We integrate multiple payment options in our gaming portal that let players purchase subscription with their desired option.

Multi Language

Multi Language

We tend to serve according to your needs. We design multi-lingual and fully customize-able game portals.

Game Rewards

Game Rewards

We designed each gameplay with rewards features to encourage players to spend more time on our game portals.

Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer Games

We offer exciting multiplayer games in our game portal that enable players to play with their family or friends.

Guest Feature

Play as Guest Players

We offer Play as a guest option for those players who do not wish to create an account for playing games on game portals.


WOF Reward Feature

We design and integrate Wheel of Fortune reward feature into your portal to attract more users on gaming platform.


On-board Chat Feature

We integrate on-board chat feature that enable players to chat while playing the game to decide the game strategies.


Friend List Feature

Once the user adds friends, then the user can view them on the Freind section and they can invite them to play the game.

Why hire Gamix Labs for Game portal development solutions?

Gamix Labs team has hands-on experience of major game projects development. We have delivered many HTML5 games to the best players in the industry, including Beeline, Hero, OneFC, Bombay Play and much more.

We offer full-cycle game development solutions to fulfill clients' dream game development project at one stop.

We always design games with emerging technologies to provide futuristic game-play to our clients.

We create games from scratch. So, we can ensure you to create customized games as per your requirements.

We design Game Portal for cross platforms that can run on browsers, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms.

We provide technical support for any technical issues or bugs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What technologies do you use for Game Portal development?

We use Cocos, Unity for the Game portal development. Node.JS and for the backend and maintained database using MongoDB and the server is AWS.

How many games do you offer in the Game Portal?

Its depends upon you how many games you want to launch on your portal or multigaming app; however, as a Game portal the minimum games that will be required for the Game portal is between 5-10.

How much time does it take to create a Game portal?

Development time depends on the complexity and the size of the project that includes the number of games and features to be added within.

Do you provide maintenance support for Game portal services?

Yes, Gamix Labs offers maintenance and support services for game portals.

Do you develop Multigaming application?

Yes, we offer multigaming application development solutions for Android and iOS platform.

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