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Game Portal

  • Brand : Anonymous
  • Platform : HTML5
  • Genre : Casual, Mini, Board, Casino and more
  • Service : Game Portal Development

Gamix Labs designed and developed a game portal with 50+ mini games in multiple genres such as Casual, Board, Action, Puzzle, Casino, Educational, Strategy and many more.

Gamix.in game portal is designed to offer a gaming portal for those users who want to play games online using social accounts. The objective of this game portal development is for demo.

  • Features of Game Portal

  • Gamix Labs offered a Featured section on the front screen which can be noticed from each visitor that will help you to display exciting games of the portal on the top of the portal.

    We designed each game with multiplayer features; so, the user cannot only play the game but also invite his/her friends to play.

    Instead of a Featured section, we added a category feature that helps admin to set category according to the genre.

    Using admin panel, admin can add new games to the portal hassle freely.

    We offer an admin panel with a game portal that enables admin to integrate various features like social integration and furthermore.

    We designed each gameplay with a rewards feature to encourage players to spend more time on our game portal.

  • Profits from Game portal:-

  • Revenue generation

  • Game portals can be an additional revenue stream for your business, you can use it for marketing goals or creating direct revenue through subscription.

‚ÄĆIncreased web traffic

One time game portal investment can save thousands of dollars that you spends on SEO for web traffic as visitors are more drawn to the site because of interactive content.

Higher customer reach

The best thing about the HTML5 games portal is that those games can be played on multiple platforms.

Flush and Jacks or Better. The concept is designed with Pay table control features.

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