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Kinect Penalty Kick Game Case Stud

If you want to read how we develop a Kinect game for Hero brand and how "Hero" brand got benefited from our Kinect game development services, kindly read Kinect Penalty Kick Game Case Study.

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How can you utilize our Kinect Development services?

Gamix Labs offers Kinect Development services for different purposes that can help you in reaching your target business by giving immersive, engaging, and sensational experiences to your audience.

Experiential Marketing


We offer customized Kinect solutions to create an immersive, interactive game-play for experiential marketing purposes that enable your audience to get an overall experience of your products or brand through sensation and amazing Kinect features.

Education Purposes


We offer Kinect Development services that help institution to educate students in more fun ways through a motion sensing device that enables them to control learning video games without touching controllers and also promote physical activities within the classroom.

Rehabilitation Solutions


Gamix Labs has the competence to design projects with clients' specific needs. We offer Kinect development solutions for creating recovery activities gameplay to offer low-cost home rehabilitation solutions for stroke victims, solution can also track their progress.

Why choose Gamix Labs to develop Kinect game development?

We have a dedicated experienced developers team, who are willing to develop out-of-the-box games that can help businesses to grow more. We integrate creative, innovative, and effective features within Kinect Games to provide an un-forgot-able gaming experience.

 Development Expertise

Development Expertise

Our skilled game developers have hands-on experience in complex game project development. We have delivered games from casual to casino genres with different features and game mechanisms.

Genre Expertise

One Stop Studio

Gamix Labs is a game development studio that fulfills all your game development needs under one roof. We provide game art design, asset creation, development, and animation services. .

One Roof Solutions

Customize Solutions

We are aware of the game trends and know how to create customized solutions to fulfill our partners' needs and provide them with the right experts to make games on every platform and every device.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

Gamix Labs believes in a transparent workflow. We create realistic deadlines and never over-promise about game delivery duration because good games take time.

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