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Land Slot

  • Brand : Anonymous
  • Platform : HTML5
  • Genre : Land Slot
  • Service : Unity Game Development

    Land-Based Slot Development:-

    Gamix Labs delivered a Land Based Slot and Online Slot project, including an Integrated Platform (IPF) and a series of slot games. This case study focuses on Gamix Labs' major deliverables, milestones, and methods for effectively completing the project.

    What is the project: Project Overview?

    Project Overview

    The project involved two main components: Integrated Platform (IFP) development and the creation of Multiple Slot Games with specific requirements of hardware setups like bill acceptors, ticket printers, gaming boards, multiple touch screens with up to 10 button panels, Ticket in Ticket Out printer system etc.

    Integrated Platform development was aimed to bridge the gap between the game and peripheral components of the slot machine, facilitating seamless integration and providing enhanced functionalities.

    Additionally, we delivered 50 slots games with slots features (like Scatter, Bonus Games, Wild, Free Spin, and Expanding Wild), a common jackpot for 2 machines(controlled by a server), refill code system by providing Unity Game Development Services.

    How did Gamix Labs complete the project?

    We have listed down the solution in two parts Integrated Platform System and Development of 50 Slot Games.

    Solutions Offered for Integrated Platform System

    Peripheral Support and Integration

    Gamix Labs development team developed a module that supported a wide range of peripherals, including bill acceptors, ticket printers, gaming boards, buttons, meters, harnesses, power supplies, speakers, LED lights, door switches, monitors, operator menu switches, and more to meet the requirement of the client.

    Slot Configuration and Management

    We developed a slot machine management system to enable easy configuration of the terminal, including settings for the store name, ID, cash-out increment, maximum voucher value, low balance timer, and more. The Slot machine management system features also allowed the configuration of game-related settings such as bet amount, jackpot amount, and payout tables.

    Bill Acceptor and Printer Configuration

    We also have designed a dedicated configuration section that enables operators to set up and test supported different bill acceptors like JCM, LT, MEI, GBA, and printers such as Transact's Epic Edge and Epic 950. This ensures compatibility and smooth communication with the integrated platform at different intervals, guaranteeing seamless operation for players as well as owners.

    Customer Play Data Analytics

    We have included a screenshot viewer in the Integrated Platform system; this viewer records and captures valuable customer play data, offering insights into customer behavior and preferences.

    Reporting and Analytics

    We configure a reporting functionality that stores important data, such as recent bill inserts and voucher prints by customers, enabling operators to track and analyze customer activities and monitor machine performance. These reports provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making and optimization of operations.

    Collaboration for Lab Certification

    Our team actively participates in the issuance of Lab certification; we collaborate with our clients to get certified in our game from certification agencies; we ensure the timely submission of all required documentation and provide relevant information to support the certification process. Our collaborative effort paid off in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

    Security Measures

    We keep security as a top priority in our development process. We implemented stringent measures for the developed Integrated Platform software with an encrypted system and packaged it as an executable file, ensuring its integrity and safeguarding against unauthorized use. We have also incorporated password and key-based activation to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access.

    Quality Assurance and Documentation

    We emphasize the great importance of quality assurance. We provide detailed test reports and comprehensive documentation, which includes individual test reports for each game feature as well as the final product. These measures guarantee the quality and functionality of the developed product, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for players.

    Access to Source Files and Documentation

    We understand the importance of easy access to source files and game assets for any gaming company for further changes. We maintain a standardized structure for the complete source files and packages to facilitate efficient utilization. We provide comprehensive documentation to assist operators in maximizing the potential of the developed software and assets.

    Solutions Offered for 50 Slot Games

    End to End 50 Slot Game Development Solutions

    With expertise in programming, graphics creation, and animation, our Slot development team handle the entire process of developing 50 slot games. From the initial concept to the final implementation, our team ensures that each game adheres to the specified specifications and seamlessly integrates into the slot machine platform.

    Crafted Game Logic with Programming Expertise

    Our skilled developers utilize their coding expertise and write clean and easily editable, and efficient code, implementing the game logic and mechanics while ensuring that the games are stable, responsive, and optimized for performance.

    Graphics Creation: Designed Captivating Visuals

    With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on creating art assets that enhance the overall visual appeal, Gamix Labs art team crafts captivating slot game elements. Our art team crafted high-quality visuals, including symbols, backgrounds, animations, and user interface elements, to create an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience.

    Dynamic animation brings life

    Our animation experts created smooth and fluid animations that enhance the gameplay and add excitement to the gaming sessions. Whether it's the spinning reels, symbol transitions, or special effects, our team ensures that the animations are seamless and visually stunning, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

    Individual Game Test to Provide Seamless Integration

    We thoroughly test each game feature and functionality to ensure smooth interactions, accurate payouts, and error-free gameplay. Moreover, our team conducts rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures to address any potential issues or bugs, ensuring a flawless gaming experience for players.

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