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What is Metaverse?

Metaverse can be perceived as another part of the earth or a visual world that's beyond the universe whose everything is based on a blockchain in Metaverse, visual lands, avatars, products, buildings and virtual properties can be traded using crypto-currencies.

Metaverse will be a digital universe connected to small meta worlds which consist of virtual properties and where people can do everything, what they do in a real world like outings with friends, shopping in brands' outlets, attending events, gambling in casinos and so on using VR peripherals.

Our Metaverse Game Development Services

Decentralized Platform Development

We develop and design Metaverse decentralized platform according to your games with the specific project requirements that cover from UI/UX design to smart contract development functionalities and much more that enhance gamers' experience and return them the value of the skills, they utilize in playing games.

Metaverse Marketplace Development

Metaverse is the next universe, where you can sell out each and everything according to the need of users. We accumulate ideas that work for your games and can create a Metaverse marketplace using blockchain technology to give you the freedom to sell digital goods without third-party interaction within the game interface..

NFT Development & Integration

We provide NFTs development & integration services to enrich the business source of our business partners while enriching the gaming experience of gamers. We craft gameplay that requires gamers to purchase or interact with their in-game items in the form of Avatar, skills, characters, weapons, powers and other virtual assets which can be purchased or sold as NFT while enhancing their gameplay experience.

3D Space Development

We provide 3D space development services for Metaverse game development. Our team has broad experience in creating immersive 3D spaces using emerging technologies, tools and interoperability elements that help businesses to offer players to experience the most immersive and purposeful virtual world.

Metaverse Game App Development

We offer Metaverse game application solutions to engage a high volume of mobile phone users. Our dedicated developers create user-friendly applications featuring blockchain attributes to provide users with an immersive experience in your Metaverse game.

Why Choose Gamix Labs for Metaverse Development?

We have delivered 250+ games all over the globe which includes HTML5, NFT games, AR / VR games and much more. We handle more than 5 gaming portals that include assorted exciting games.

We tokenize virtual assets and also have hands-on practice in blockchain technology through our working capability, business partners could access their imaginary blueprint into real games.

Metaverse Super Skilled Game Features

Super Skilled Team

We have technical geniuses and creative masterminds who have the competence to design games of any complexity and requirements.

Metaverse Game Performance Features

Technical Prowes

We are one of the earliest entrants in the Metaverse industry and also have hands-on experience in blockchain technologies..

Metaverse Best Outcomes

Best Outcomes

Our team always works to create a tangible impact to give the best value for your investment that your business deserves.



We believe in ethics and provide fully transparent codes that can be customized by any developer as per clients' future needs.

Post-Deployment Support

Post-Deployment Support

We offer extensive post-deployment services so that you can utilize your time to focus on your business growth hassle freely.

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