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Nestle Milo Game

  • Brand : Anonymous
  • Platform AR,HTML5
  • Genre : Action
  • Service : Game Development

The client hired Gamix Labs to develop an AR game for Nestle Milo. The game was designed to target Nestle Milo consumers to give rewards. Milo's game is a simple yet engaging game. The game was designed to play on a web-app. We designed and integrated machine learning technologies to transform an idea into an exciting creation.

  • Nestle Milo Game-play

  • The user can play the game by scanning the Milo tin-can using the Nestle Milo web app. When the user scans the Nestle Milo tin-can using a cell phone's camera then an animated tiger appears on the screen with the "Enter Game" option.

    This game is basically a tiger jumping game. The user can control the tiger using their fingers by tapping, holding and releasing on the screen. Once, the user finished the game-play, the screen ask for to submit user name, email and phone-number to win the gold collectibles.

  • What did Nestle Milo expect from the game?

  • The client required the game to be developed to meet up Nestle's four goals which are mentioned below

    The first aim was accurate detection of Nestle Milo tin-can,

    To create an engaging game for their consumers was the second aim,

    Data accumulation became the third and the most focused aim.

    Finalizing the game-winner was the fourth goal of the development.

  • Solutions for Nestle Milo

  • Gamix Labs team provided solutions to meet all those four goals as mentioned below

    We utilized Google's machine learning technology for real time object detection to ensure that the users can only able to enter the game after scanning the original Nestle Milo tin can.

    To fulfill the consumer engagement with the game, we animated the 3-D tiger character which seems real during motions. 3D object management and tiger positioning was a real challenge during the game development. So, we considered that the tiger would not disappear during the jump or another object may not hide it and we also designed the UI/UX for better user-interaction.

    To line up with the expectation of data accumulation, we utilized Google Cloud technology and also developed a dashboard for hassle-free data management. We added machine learning technology for number verification and reconnected it to the Nestle's server for OTP generation.

    The data management portal helped the Nestle team in finalizing the lucky winner through leaderboard setup and data analysis features.

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