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Gamix Labs designs and delivers exciting NFT Gaming services using top-notch technologies to meet your audience's expectations.

Gamix Labs offers a wide range of NFT game services that include crypto-collectibles like avatar, weapons, infrastructure, environment, character, skills and many more. With technical geniuses and creative artists, we have the competence to deliver projects that transform your vision into a real game.

NFT technology is booming and empowering all over in every industry; although, the best usability of blockchain technology is being used in the gaming industry. Since gaming is the most loved activity among the new generation it drives its extensive growth and composite revenue generation.

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DinoMonks case study

To know, how we fulfilled the client's need by providing NFT game development services for the Dinomonk game, kindly click here to read the case study.

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Blockchain technology surmounts the obstacles of the gaming industry, those being low transparency among transaction assets, centralization for multiplayer servers, and malicious users. Aforementioned reasons make the games non-exciting for many. But with the introduction of blockchain technology, gaming platforms are eliminating the problems of being a one-way process, and many said drawbacks.

To develop and attract audiences through blockchain-based games, choose the best hands-on experienced NFT Game Development Team, provided by Gamix Labs.

How can we use NFTs in our Games?

Gamix Labs is enriched with broad experience in game development, concept art and asset tokenization. Gamix Labs is one of very few development solutions companies that started developing NFTs in the initial period.

Gaming and entertainment companies can enrich their platforms by offering the most trending investment category NFTs into their game platforms by developing their own marketplace to attract users to invest in NFT collectibles, art pieces, weapons, skills, and all different forms of properties in the virtual world with Gamix Labs NFT Game development services.

NFT Game Gaming Rewards

Gaming Rewards

NFT tokens can be developed as gaming rewards which can be distributed to the selective users who scored better than their opponents.

NFT Game Gaming assets

Gaming assets

We can tokenize gaming assets that users can purchase through the in-game purchase feature like weapons, character skins, powers, points or tools.

Our NFT Gaming Development Services

We develop and deliver Games that offer opportunities for NFTs to trade within the game interface through in-game purchase features and other lucrative gameplay strategies. Here, we are providing several NFT games genre that has high demand in the gaming industry.

NFT Game Action Games

Action Games

We develop in-game purchase assets feature for selling weapons, upgrades, and power in NFTs form in action games. Since action games are attractive and the most played genre of the gaming industry also offers opportunities for NFTs.

NFT Game Fantasy Game

Fantasy Games

We design fantasy games that attract users through betting features like Dream 11. where users can win rewards on their players' performance. We integrate players into NFTs which offers more rewards to your users..

NFT Game Board Games

Board Games

We can offer players to have a unique identity as an NFT-based Avatar in Board games like Ludo, Chess, Connect Four, Scrabble, Tic and Toe etc. Since these games are getting extensive growth and a huge audience.

NFT Game Racing Games

Racing Games

Racing games are the backbone of games. In these games, we can integrate NFTs in the form of cars, bikes other relevant items that will be entirely developed for audiences' experience and performance to utilize in games.

NFT Game Sports Games

Sports Games

We can provide solutions to purchase teams or players and let them enable to convert into NFTs in the sports games genre. Since sports games are a standalone gaming genre where it enables players to experience the real sports game.

NFT Game Battle Games

Battle Games

In the battle game genre, we can integrate in-game purchases of skills, upgrades and weapons etc. Furthermore, we can also help you to list them in NFT sales as our battle games development solutions and services.

NFT Game Adventure Games

Adventure Games

Adventure games like The Legend of Zelda, Faust offer an immersive virtual gaming experience to users. And the genre can be monetized with in-game assets such as costumes, weapons, power, upgrade, maps, etc.

NFT Game Arcade Games

Arcade Games

We can offer NFT solutions for your whole Arcade game development into an NFT. Since arcade games are one of the most fun factored games that can be designed and developed with NFTs strategy.

NFT Game Casino Games

Casino Games

We have a unique approach for Casino games development with NFTs, we can design your Casino games that can work on NFTs rather than genuine money. Additionally, we can provide rare NFT avatars for players to play in Casino games.

NFT Token Development Solutions

NFT token also known as a Non-Fungible token is a cryptographic, unique unit of data stored on blockchain technology that can be sold, withdrawn and exchanged as a medium of exchange among investors and traders.

Gamix Labs NFT Token Development services are the leading token developer in the industry and are capable in developing customized tokens as per your business need.

Features of NFTs

NFT Game Uniqueness


The developers code the product as far as restricting the creation of multiple NFTs, to maintain the value of digital assets.

NFT Game Verifiable


NFTs can be easily verified since NFTs are based on blockchain innovation and don't have centralized access.

NFT Game Tradable


With the interoperable nature of NFTs, NFTs can be exchanged and traded among various blockchain networks.

NFT Game Standardization


Blockchain network offers developers to submit a wide range of unique NFT token standards.

Why Choose Gamix Labs for NFT Games Development?

We assist entertainment companies in designing and minting NFT assets that attract investors and give high returns to gamers and entertainers. Entertainers and gaming companies can create and design a large array of scalable tokens as per gaming platform requirements with our significant NFT development services.

Strong Tokenization Experiences

Gamix Labs has in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in tokenization. We tokenize many digital arts into fungible as well as non-fungible forms. We believe that NFTs are the investment for the bright future and deserve development expertise to yield great and sounding results.

Game Development Experience

Gamix Labs developed and delivered a variety of games that include Ludo, Chess, Mini Games, Arcade, Slots, Live Casino and much more. We also have expertise in concept art production. We can offer you services from Pre-production to Concept art and asset production in 2D & 3D.

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