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What is a P2E game?

P2E stands for Play to earn, a newly introduced genre in games where players can earn money by playing games. P2E games are unlike traditional games, and these games allow gamers to earn revenue just by playing a video game. Play to earn games doesn't require video streaming, gaining followers, and building communities.

Play to Earn games are online video games based on decentralized technology that necessarily require crypto assets and NFTs for the gameplay. Crypto assets and NFTs help gamers in earning rewards for their gaming performance.

There are various features for P2E Games like:

Our P2E game development services

We have experienced developers, creative artists, and QAs who can help you to fulfil every requirement in creating super fun games with appealing design and impeccable gameplay.

Full Stack P2E game development service


We provide full stack Play to earn game development services for almost every game, including blockchain/NFT/token/smart contract development, tokenomics development, and exchange infrastructure to offer the best gaming experience.

Customize Crypto game development service


Our team can help you to develop your game through customized services like token integration, smart contract, and other Web3 platform elements that can make your game attractive and unique in the market.

Crypto game Maintenance service


We offer support and maintenance services after the game release as per the service level agreement for P2E games. Our support team keeps sight of your game and resolves technical glitches to keep the game worthy.

We offer P2E (Crypto) services for multiple genres:

Why choose Gamix Labs to develop Play to earn game?

We provide P2E game development services for your ideal gaming platform based on your business needs, including NFT game features, technological stack, API integration, development effort, and more. We can utilize Defi, blockchain, and NFTs to create a fascinating gaming experience for your audience.

We have experience of NFT/token/smart contract development, tokenomics development

Blockchain Expertise

Our team has competency in different technologies, and we know how to leverage the power of emerging technologies. We have experience of NFT/token/smart contract development, tokenomics development, etc.

game development and can perfectly understand and serve the needs of clients

Game Development Expertise

Gamix Labs team possesses profound experience in game development and can perfectly understand and serve the needs of clients and provides gamers-centric games for multiple genres including casino, multiplayer, RPG, FPS and more.

live by always giving extra care to our games

Maintenance & Support

We do not just create games but keep them alive by always giving extra care to our games. We provide extensive game development solutions to our partner as per service level agreement to offer the gamers glitch-free entertainment.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

We assure on-time delivery by creating flexible workflow design. We update each stage of development through conventional methods to get instant feedback from our clients that helps us to deliver the finished or gold version game on time.

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