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Game Development

Develop and launch your Rummy game on a different platform with Gamix Labs' Rummy Game Development services.

We at Gamix Labs have a team of expert game developers with hands-on experience in casino game development for multiple platforms. Our deliveries have made successful results for our business partners and helped them expand their business with our impeccable gameplay.

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What is Rummy game?

Rummy is a set of matching card games with different rules. Rummy is a part of the casino game genre and has been tremendously popular globally. The market growth of online Rummy games in India is unexceptional.

According to, which is popular for survey and market research share, a report for Online Rummy in India accounted for 335 million U.S. dollars in 2019, and this was estimated to reach 1.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2024.

Type of Rummy Game

There are many Rummy game variants that exist in the gaming industry; although, the most popular Rummy game is of 11 card games.
  • 13 Card

  • Indian

  • 21 Card

  • Gin

  • Contract

  • Oklahoma

  • Kalooki

  • Shanghai

  • Dummy

Admin Control Features

We provide a dashboard with our games to manage the overall game, game settings, and their users, notifications, transactions, and much more. Some of the features are listed below.

Rummy Game Dashboard Game Feature


Using dashboard admins, can control users' activities, track location, track visitors' journey, player game performance, and so on.

Rummy Game Management Feature

User Management

Admins can use user management features, admins can control everything like players' information, played sessions, etc.

Rummy Game Tournament Game Feature

Game Management

Game management can help admins lock/unlock various game elements and related things.

Rummy Game Agent Management

Live Chat Box

Admin can answer queries of the players using the Live Chat box feature and let the player know about features.

Rummy Game Chips Management

Purchase Management

The admin can check the list of items that are purchased from the in-game store using the dashboard feature.

Rummy Game Notifications Management

Transaction Management

Purchase transaction reports, amount, payment gateway, and location can be tracked and downloaded using this feature.

Features of Poker Games

We provide you rummy game with multiple features including user-focused social features. The following features are mentioned below.

Rummy Game Multiple Game

Multiple Table

We provide multiple tables in our game so that players can play the game in a private or practice room.

Rummy Game Play as a Guest

Play as a Guest

We give convenience to the player, who wants to enjoy gameplay without signing into the game at first.

Rummy Game Game History

Game History

We enable the game history option in the game to empower players to review their game performance.

Rummy Game Prize & Bonus

Prize & Bonus

We include Prize and bonus features in the game to encourage players to play more and win more.

Rummy Game Invitation Feature

Invitation Feature

We develop games with multiplayer features; so, that user can invite their friends from the social users' list.

Rummy Game Share and Earn

Share and Earn

We implement share and earn features in the game to encourage players to share the game with their friends.

Rummy Game Phone & Email Verification

Phone & Email Verification

Users are free to sign up/sign in by Phone or email after verifying with the OTP system.

Rummy Game RNG Certified Games

RNG Certified Games

Games developed with Gamix Labs provide a fair gaming experience through RNG-certified algorithms.

Rummy Game Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Users can create accounts using social channels and post their scores on platforms like FB, Twitter, and more.

Rummy Game Payment Security

Payment Security

We offer players to make payments through different payment methods with highly secured integration.

Rummy Game Personalized Chat

Personalized Chat

Our rummy game can let your players chat with each other using the personalized chat option.

Rummy Game Live Support Feature

Live Support Feature

We can integrate Live support features in your game that empower your players to chat with you with a click.

    How to Play Rummy game?

    Rummy is one of the popular Indian card games, which comes under the draw and discards card games category.

    The game is played with one or two decks of cards.

    The game can be played between 2 to 6 players at a time.

    Each player has to draw and discard one card on their turn till 13 cards appear.

Note: The primary objective of the gameplay is to improve your hand by using sets of cards and forming a particular sequence or set of cards adhering to specific rules of the game.

    Why choose Gamix Labs for Rummy Game development?

    We at Gamix Labs have a team of skilled developers, and creative artists, which help us to develop outstanding games with excellent graphics and animations. With teams of developers and artists in our in-house office, we have the competence to deliver full-cycle game development services.

    Our game developers have extensive experience in casino game development and we have delivered various projects to the casino industry including Poker, Slots, Rummy, Teen Patti, and more.

    We create a Rummy gateway that is secure, visually appealing, and simple to operate.

    We have the competence to create customized products based on clients’ expectations

    We also integrate advanced technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency in casino games.

    We can help you in developing games for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, browser, and PC.

    We have a reputed name for providing world-class casino gaming solutions.

    We provide technical support for any technical issues or bugs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you develop the multi-table feature in Rummy game?

Yes, we can develop the multi-table feature in your rummy game. Our developers are well-versed in creating complex casino games with multiple features. Moreover, we can also integrate real money into your existing gameplay and can help you to develop rummy games for futuristic platforms like virtual or Live casinos.

How much does it cost to develop Rummy Game development?

A tentative cost of development cannot be given for any project as every online game has its distinctive features. Likewise, some clients need rummy game development for cross-platform and some clients' requirements are browser-based games only. So, you can communicate your project idea to us if you want a quotation.

What technologies are used for developing Rummy games?

Gamix Labs development team is well versed in Unity, Cocos, and Phaser. We use technically advanced tools and frameworks to develop each game. In the case of Rummy game development, we use Node.JS and for backend operation and the database is maintained using MongoDB, and the server is AWS.

Do you develop Rummy game for cross-platform?

Yes, our proficient game developers can help you to build a rummy game for cross-platforms that can run on multiple devices including browsers, mobile, and PC. Moreover, we also create Rummy application for Android and iOS devices.

Why hire Gamix Labs for Rummy Game development?

Gamix Labs is a full-cycle game development studio and has many years of game development experience. We have delivered 250+ games to diverse industries including marketing, casino, education, and training. Our casino development includes almost every type of casino game development like Rummy, Slots, Poker, Teen Patti, and more.

We also have experience of developing Live and virtual platforms for casino games. Moreover, we provide extensive game maintenance and support services as per Service Level Agreemen

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