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Wheel of Fortune

  • Brand : Anonymous
  • Platform : HTML5
  • Genre : Casino
  • Service : Game Development

Wheel of Fortune is a game that was developed to integrate into casual games, the client is a GSM cellular network provider of Kazakhstan who also deploys games on their portal to engage more audience.

The client purchased 15+ games from industry and hired Gamix Labs development team to improve the game through re-skin, branding, and other services. The client also asked us to develop a Spin game for user rewards which is Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune became the best part of all the games due to its exciting reward module.

  • Wheel of Fortune: Brief

  • The wheel of Fortune is a game that gives exciting rewards according to the gameplay or game events based on customer behavior. The team wanted to understand customer behavior using gameplay data and gameplay events, then based on behavior they wanted to segment customers for a personalized WOF experience.

    Like identifying active game players and rewarding them to play more or identifying inactive gamers and converting them into active gamers through WOF.

  • The team required to develop a game to fulfill the following objective

  • Should be according to brand guidelines,

    Should be very lightweight so that it can be integrated into any other app without adding any extra load,

    Should be easily integrated with their different web apps and games: WOF game as an SDK,

    Localization in Russian, Kazakh, and English and ability to change all messages in the game using the admin panel,

  • How did we fulfill the clent's requirements?

  • Gamix Labs art team designed high quality graphics to develop Wheel of Fortune game UI. We also took care of branding of the game according to the branding guidelines.

    We designed and developed this game using HTLM5 technology to make it lightweight and compatible over cross platforms.

    Gamix Labs developed this game as an SDK that can be easily integrated into web-apps without hassle.

    We developed the game with Russian, Kazakh and English language to engage more audiences to play the game.

  • Customer Segmentation based on Customer Behavior

    Our technical team developed the game with customer segmentation feature to give personalized experience to every user based on their behavior in the particular games.

    Trigger Settings Feature

  • Dashboard has also an option to set parameters that help admin to select the parameters, it’s values and condition for trigger to be successful. The trigger parameters are Level, Score and Win type.

  • Parameters Settings

  • Icebreaker is a question-answer game that can be played between two to twenty players. In this game, the host can make a set of questions or can choose available themes of the game to be answered by the participants.

  • Ability to configure Wheel of fortune using the admin panel

    Spoke Control

  • We have designed and developed controllable spokes. The client can set the number of spokes to be drawn during the game-play using the game dashboard. Moreover, admin can also set winning probability for each sector.

  • Spoke Modification

  • Spoke modification or customization feature enable client to customize spoke as per his/her need. With this feature, the user can edit text as well as reward points for the Spoke using the dashboard..

  • Winning Limit Feature

  • Admin can set the limit of rewards to be drawn in a day. With this feature, admin can set data that how much data a user can receive in rewards for a day or a month or how much data should be distributed in total.

  • Game Spin Limit

  • Since the game has a spin feature, we provided a spin limit option that lets the admin decide to set the number of spins during particular game play.

  • Analytics and Tracking

    Analytics Report

  • We integrated Google machine learning in the dashboard that tracks the number of customer, who plays the game and also includes MAU/DAU/SESSIONS and more. So, admin can view all reports connected to the Dashboard and download in the required format.

  • Ban Option

  • We also developed engines to identify hackers and cheaters in the game and ban their accounts.

  • Reward History

  • The client can check the reward history where he/she can also find how much data has been rewarded to a particular user and how many times the same user has received the reward.

  • More features of WOF

    Quick and Easy implementation

  • The client asked us to develop WOF in such a way that it can be integrated with other web apps as well as existing games easily. So, we developed an SDK that can be easily integrated into any web app.

  • Download File

  • Wheel of Fortune's dashboard also has an option to import all transactional data into csv or Excel format.

  • Localization

  • Gamix Labs development team developed the game with the localization feature to attract audiences that speak Russian, Kazakh or English.

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