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Zilloniare Game

  • Brand : Anonymous
  • Platform : HTML 5
  • Genre : Promotion
  • Service : Game Development

A renowned manufacturer of optical systems and opto-electronics from Germany partnered Gamix Labs to develop a game for experiential marketing and gaining loyal customers.

The client hired us to develop Zilloniare game which was purpose to be used in the launching event of the new product in 2021.

  • Zilloniare Gameplay

  • The game was based on question answer similarly to Kaun Banega Crorepati Television show which is the replica of UK's Who wants to be a Millionaire? In this game, the player has to choose the correct answer from available options, all questions were based on brand and its history.

    Client's expectations from Gamix Labs.

    The client asked to develop game with features that can meet the following objectives

    Interactive game-play with exciting UI/UX to engage customers,

    To make learn the history of the brand through the game,

    Able to finalize the winner of the contest,

    To collect data for lead generation and follow up marketing.

  • Gamix Labs solutions for Zilloniare game.

  • We developed and designed the game in a simple yet most engaging way. We utilized high-quality graphics for the user interface which gives the best user experience. We used quality sound and other elements to make it perfect. We added a score board and high score board features to allow users to perform better.

    We considered branding during the gameplay to achieve the goal of bringing loyal customers.

    Since the game was designed for a giveaway contest. We developed an admin panel which maintain users performance data that helped the team in finalizing the winner of the contest.

    We used machine learning to authenticate and collect users data that further helped in marketing.

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