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How Lucrative is Cross Platform Game Development

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How lucrative is cross platform game development?

Designing a cross-platform game is like creating a consistent revenue model. Cross-platform games yield better profit than those games which are based on a single platform or restricted to particular devices.

According to Statista, 45% of video game revenue was made from smartphone gamers in 2022. Furthermore, it added that smartphone usage continues to accelerate globally. Mobile game revenue will be accounted for the 100 billion dollar mark by 2023.

So, to cover all leading gaming platforms and give a consistent gaming experience to their users, game development companies are steadily looking towards cross-platform development as the ideal solution.

Before diving, let's talk about Cross-platform game development in detail; look at "cross-platform game".

What is Cross Platform Game Development?

In video games, "Cross-platform game" or "Cross-platform play" is a term used to represent the game's potential that can be played on various screens or on different devices, sharing the same online gaming servers. For example, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, Handheld game consoles, Mobile, etc.

Benefits of Cross Platform Game Development

Creating a cross-platform game not only takes your game on high-scale but also gives you benefits that can be listed in parts, just as we noted here.

Single Code Base

Using a single code base makes things easier than finding bugs and resolving them in different codes. Cross platform games are designed with a single code base that can easily maintain and doesn't need to create specific codebases for other platforms.

Maximum Reach

With cross-platform games, users get a chance to explore the game on different devices without being restricted to specific system requirements to play the game, which enhances the popularity of the game over large masses.

Saving Cost & Target Audience

It has been observed that cross-platform game engines are cost-effective in comparison to platform-specific games. Moreover, creating a cross-platform keep you focused on a game and target the interests of multiple segments of players together.

Uniformity & Profitability

Cross platform games provide overall uniformity in looks, experience, and much more over all the devices. Moreover, these games are always better for higher profitability since users can play using different operating systems and online on the web.

FortniteAndroid, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X
Halo Master Chief CollectionPC, Xbox Series X
Dead by DaylightAndroid, iOS, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation
No Man’s SkyPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Rocket LeaguePC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo
MinecraftPC, PS4, PS5, Wii, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.
Candy Crush SagaAndroid, iOS, Web browser, Microsoft Windows, Tizen, Windows Phone, Fire OS
Pokemon GoiOS, Android
Call of Duty: WarzoneAndroid, iOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC
DauntlessPC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

What are the Best Engines to Develop Cross Platform Games?

Here, we have listed the best engines that can help you to develop cross platform games.

Unity Engine

Unity is one of the first preferences of the biggest studios worldwide, including EA and Ubisoft. Unity is loaded with many 2D and 3D resources pre-optimized for mobile screens.

Unity game engines can be worked with C#, Boo, or UnityScript as the scripting API for the game and feature an intuitive interface and easy setup for cross-platform game development. Moreover, it works with a click, which means you won't have to download SDK files manually for the target platforms; you just have to click the target platforms to install the engine.

Unity Engine supports all the leading platforms operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and more.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Vs. Unity is one of the most successful topics of all time, as both compete. However, Unreal Engine is mainly used for AAA titles. With the many advanced features, it can grab any developer's attention to work on different projects.

Using UE's Blueprint, developers can create game visuals for multiple hardware sets. Moreover, using Unreal engine for cross platform can save the time and effort you have to spend installing SDKs for each target platform for cross-platform game development.

Godot Engine

Godot is an excellent game engine packed with open-source language compatibility that supports cross platform 2D and 3D games development.

With Godot, developers can deploy games for PC, mobile platforms and the web using HTML5 and WebAssembly. However, console porting is possible with a third-party porting application.

Advanced features offered by this engine include:

  • a flexible scene system,

  • visual editor,

  • user-friendly content creation pipeline, and

  • persistent live editor.


Cocos 2d-x is an engine that also supports cross-platform game development frameworks. Developers can work on 2D and 3D game creation with this tool, as it provides rich graphics rendering functions, GUI, audio, network, physics, user input, and much more.

Cocos engine supports C++, Lua, or Javascript; you can create iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows, and Mac game games using this engine. The framework is simple and fast enough to implement.


HTML5, are browser-based games developed with Javascript and CSS. These games can run on different screen sizes. It is a beneficial game development process that can reduce game development costs and gives you highly responsive games in return.

HTML5 game development process is swift in comparison to other game development processes. So, you can get HTML5 games in less time than other frameworks built for platforms like a web browser, Android, iOS, and PC.

Moreover, some research stated that it had been observed that more than half of mobile games and apps are built using HTML5 games.

Why Hire Game Development Agency for Cross Platform Games?

Hiring a game development agency for cross platform games plays a win-win role for your business. Many benefits can be unlocked by choosing a reliable outsourcing studio for developing multiplatform games.


An experienced game development firm enables you to develop your game with flexibility. Their development experience can extract extra advantages that cannot be achieved with an in-house team.


An outsource game development company can also help you port your existing gameplay into a cross-platform game using an existing codebase, reducing your game development costs and saving time.


Collaboration with an outsource game development company lets you deliver thoroughly tested products, which can help you release the most refined product in the market.

Reduce Cost

Hiring an outsourcing game development company can reduce your game development costs, like eliminating the cost of full-time employees and other resources. Moreover, you won't have to purchase different hardware and software subscriptions to test the product.

Wrapping up:

We hope you got a solution to your questions regarding cross-platform game development. We have outlined the solutions and development tools for cross-platform games. Moreover, noted down the top multiplatform games. Also, tell you how would get a finished game using an outsourced development studio.

If you are finding a development studio, Gamix Labs is there. Yes, We can help you in developing cross-platform games. As an experienced game development company, we provide different services, including testing and porting.


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