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How Web 3.0 Transforming the Gaming Industry?

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Web 3.0 game development Web 3.0, the upgraded Web, is dramatically impacting the gaming landscape and reshaping the market through its futuristic features and pros.

The gaming industry has always been revolutionized with novice technologies and has witnessed various advancements in terms of technology and its implementation within the game's creation in a decade. Games that were developed a decade ago are different in comparison to today's games and looks, which were never imagined before.

2D to 3D, with the advantages of virtual and augmented reality, in-game currencies and NFT, web 3.0, and so on, are technological revolutions in the gaming industry.

Well, Web 3.0 will transform the gaming industry far above today's imagination and our created blueprint for Web 3.0 game development. It will reshape the entire gaming experience.

In this blog, we have penned down a short intro to Web 3.0, and written about what blockchain-based gaming has to offer and how it can transform the gaming industry and helps in NFT game development and P2E game development.

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is an upgraded version of the internet we currently use, Web 2.0. 2.0 mainly focuses on communication between different users. Although, the next upgraded version of the Web, which is 3.0, brought a new concept that will replace internet centralization and establish decentralization to make the internet more useful and free from monopoly in the internet world.

In a clear statement, the web3 server will work independently in a decentralized manner and will have no intermediary element to offer communication facilities between the user and the internet.

We have given a brief on Web 3.0, and in the next section, we will talk about Web 3.0 benefits.

Benefits of Web 3.0 Technology in the Gaming Industry

Each technology brings a lot of advancement and features that help us in creating new products; just like the older version of the internet makes our communication far better than before, Web 3.0 will also bridge a lot of gaps and will offer us new opportunities to make more innovative experiences for the world.


Web 3.0 will change the gameplay of upcoming games with its unique distribution features, giving unique ownership to the purchasers of the game assets. Moreover, it doesn't end here; the purchasers will retain the value of the assets for long life and trade their assets in the NFT marketplace. And this is all implemented with the help of blockchain technology that enables in-game asset ownership and digital scarcity.

The good thing about Web 3.0 is that these games are not released with infinite asset supply options and have limited assets, which ownership goes to players after the sale.

Earn While Playing

Games that are being developed on the Web 3.0 module have the finest advantage, and that is the user can earn while playing the game. Indeed, it is one of the paradigm shifts of the gaming industry that these games ensure a return on gamers' skills and the time they use to play. So, the game is no longer a leisure activity and only requires a little streaming skill to earn money from gaming.

With Web 3.0, players will be able to monetize their gaming skills. Games will become economies, and gamers will receive real economic output based on gaming skills.

The gamers will receive cryptocurrency for task completion and levels-up, which they can exchange for other crypto-assets or real currency.


In traditional games, players were limited to use game assets and purchased items in the game only, but Web 3.0 game has changed the scenario. With Web 3.0, one game's assets can be used in different games, and it is possible with the blockchain-based ecosystem.

Players will be able to bring their digital assets, NFT skins, avatars, or weapons, with them and can use them in other games as well.

DAO & Modification Ownership

In Web 2.0 version games, players were not allowed to modify as this could undermine the term of service. Although, blockchain-based games or Play to earn games are open source and can be modified per their users' requirements. These changes can be done per DAO decisions and regulations made in the early days of the game launch. DAO will be able to introduce changes in the game to fit players' needs.


This is not all about monopoly versus democracy; however, there will be a great benefit for indie game developers in Web 3.0 as that will work in a decentralized manner. Moreover, indie game developers will get the power to overcome the dominance of leading studios and will no longer face difficulties establishing their games in the online environment. This will help the gaming industry in launching more innovative and amazing games.


Early Web 3.0 adoption by gamers offers a number of benefits over gamers, who later adopt the platform. In addition to leaving a legacy when choosing the new technology, gamers who make the shift to Web 3.0 will have a significant impact on future players in the new area.

What are the Prime Elements of Web 3.0 for the Gaming Industry?

The gaming industry is using various technologies to upgrade games for the Web 3.0 version internet: Blockchain, NFTs, AI so on are some of the main elements that help transformation make it viable.


Currently, 100 million users of blockchain gaming will likely increase to close to two billion users in the gaming sector in the coming years. Decentralized, immutable systems that allow user interaction is what blockchain games are. Many potential will exist for gamers to use a blockchain system to integrate numerous game titles into a single gaming environment.


NFT, Non-Fungible tokens, are crypto tokens that can be used to create game assets and can be transferred between wallets. NFT's data is stored in blockchain-based

servers that cannot be hacked as they have decentralized features.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing enable computers to comprehend information similarly to humans, accelerating test findings' progression. AI enables the rapid and successful creation of game worlds that are populated by non-playable characters who appear to be designed for human game players to control.


Tokens will be used as an incentive or prize for players participating in the P2E game. P2E's token will play a vital role in creating a game economy and will change the scenario of the entire gaming community. When the token rate increases, it will positively impact gamers too. Likely, players will be able to purchase the crypto by selling tokens available on the market.

Wrapping Up:-

We hope this blog helped you in learning how Web 3.0 technology is making a paradigm shift in the gaming industry. Moreover, we have also discussed the main technologies that help the gaming industry in creating Play to earn games.

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What is Web 3.0, and how will it impact the gaming industry?

Web 3.0, the upgraded Web, is dramatically impacting the gaming landscape and reshaping the market through its futuristic features and pros. Games that were developed a decade ago are different from today's games and looks, which were never imagined before. With Web 3.0, players will be able to bring their digital assets, NFT skins, avatars, or weapons, with them and can use them in other games as well. Games will become economies, and gamers will receive real economic output based on their gaming skills.

How can I get develop a Play to earn games?

Play 2 earn games can be developed on Unreal if you have a team of game developers with expertise in blockchain development. You can create a viable game. Although, taking service from an outsourcing industry will be the best option, as they would help you shape the best game. Gamix Labs is one of the leading game development companies that outsource end-to-end game development services, including Metaverse, P2E, and NFT game development. Gamix Labs also provide game art services, animation, testing, and game porting services. Gamix Labs' dedicated team can also help you develop your existing game into P2E games through their immense expertise.

Which games can be built on Web 3.0?

All types of games can be built and played on Web 3.0, built to be worked on decentralized servers or blockchain technology.